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Bad Bunny - X 100PRE Music Album Reviews

The expertly sequenced and always vibrant debut from the Puerto Rican rapper collects every fascinating side of Bad Bunny into one singular statement.
In the first three years of his nascent career, Bad Bunny put out enough singles and did enough guest features to fill out several albums. As an audition for pop superstardom, it’s been impressive. He can adapt to seemingly any style—trap, R&B, reggaetón, bachata, dembow—with a heavy, nasal croon perpetually drenched in Auto-Tune. He became a huge star in 2018, circumventing terrestrial radio and government censorship to become the third-most streamed artist in the world on YouTube. Why does Bad Bunny even need to release an album?

Hamswan Bluetooth Smart Scale Review

Inexpensive and offering multiple body measurements, the Hamswan Bluetooth Smart Scale is let down by accuracy concerns and some worrying in-app language

Should I Buy The Hamswan Bluetooth Smart Scale?
While it is certainly much cheaper than most digital smart scales and offers a wide range of body measurements, we find it difficult to recommend a scale with an app that describes a person 1% above healthy as "chubby". For that reason, we'd keep this away from children and anyone at risk of unhealthy body-perception issues. For adults who want an inexpensive set of digital scales, the Hamswan Bluetooth Smart Scale offers great value and a decent design - although its accuracy has been questioned.

Price When Reviewed
  • $45.99
Hamswan is a Chinese manufacturer of a diverse roster of products from dive masks to kitchen blenders and VR headsets.

Its digital Bluetooth Smart Scale (also sometimes called the Body Fat Scale) looks a lot like Fitbit’s Aria Scales… a lot like it. Fitbit is used to cheaper copies on the market, but do these scales measure up?

The Bluetooth Smart Scale measures weight, body fat, muscle mass, water level, bone mass, BMR, BMI and visceral fat, where the Fitbit Aria 2 sticks to weight, BMI, lean mass and body fat percentage.

The Hamswan Smart Scale data can be synchronized to Fitbit app, but the sync connection with Fitbit isn’t obvious and is badly worded in English, so that part confused me and I never got it to work properly. If syncing with Fitbit is your aim, then we’d recommend sticking with the Fitbit scales – or manually logging your weight to the Fitbit app.

It’s a good-looking scale with a large, clear red display. It measures 30cm-by-30cm and is 3cm deep.

It’s certainly great value at under £25 or around US$25.

It supports up to 10 users, so can be used by the whole family, although we have issues with its language that could cause unnecessary body-perception issues in children.

Multiple Measurements
The scale measures body fat percentage by using a body impedance method. When you stand barefoot on scale, a very small current flows from the scale through your body, and a chip in the scale can then measure your body’s resistance via the current and therefore measure your body fat percentage.

Do you need all those measurements?Most are quite insightful, but we suspect most users just want to see their weight and maybe their BMI and body fat percentage.

And we can’t be sure of their accuracy (and online user reviews suggest unrealistic fluctuations), so the readings could be misleading and overly concerning to even quite healthy people.

Using the special app you can set a target weight and daily track your progress for fat loss or muscle gain.

The app can’t match Fitbit’s for overall fitness measurements, as of course that includes all your exercise data, but for weight and all the other body metrics it offers decent historical graphs to show your progress.

There are also insights into what all the metrics mean, but I was shocked at the language it uses to convey this.

Aside from its over-the-top sensationalist warnings – eg. “your body fat is in the dangerous level”, “your bone mass level is low, this can cause backache, hunchback and easy fracture” - its description of a body 1% over “healthy” as “chubby” is not what parents would want their body-conscious children reading, especially with eating disorders on the rise.

Inexpensive and decent-looking, the Hamswan Smart Scale works well enough as a weighing device for the whole family. We were not confident of the accuracy of all the other metrics (such as body fat, muscle mass, water level, and bone mass) and downright alarmed at the use of the worrying language in the app.

If you just need a cheap digital wireless scale this is fine, but if you desire accurate readings for multiple body measurements we’d recommend other scales, such as the Withings Body Cardio or the Fitbit Aria 2.


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