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David Crosby - If I Could Only Remember My Name Music Album Reviews

Each Sunday, Pitchfork takes an in-depth look at a significant album from the past, and any record not in our archives is eligible. Today, we revisit David Crosby’s solo debut, a foggy dream of psychedelic folk-rock.
The ’60s were over and David Crosby was living on a boat. Aside from the recording studio, his 59-foot schooner, named The Mayan, was the only place where things made sense. When Crosby was 11, his parents decided to enroll their son in sailing classes. The wild-eyed, giggling California kid had an anti-authoritarian streak that was starting to get him in trouble, and some time on the docks, they imagined, might give him some discipline, or at least a place to spend his summers. Sailing came naturally, like he had captained many vessels in a previous life. It was an uncanny feeling, comforting and strange. As the decade came to a close, Crosby wrote the title track of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s blockbuster album Déjà Vu about this very sensation.

Mini Peach Melba Pies

What's more fun than beautifully decorated individual dessert pies? These fruity hand-held treats are full of raspberry jam, peach pie filling, and fresh raspberries. Be creative and substitute any of your favorite pie fillings, preserves, and fresh berries—your guests will thank you!

Dripping Paint

Hey everyone! I've never tried this nail design before and today when I was thinking of what to create, this popped into my mind. It's really easy to create (only with a use of a dotting tool) and definitely fun to wear. I hope you enjoy it!

The Smartphone-Killing Trend Is Finally Here

This year, you will start to see all kinds of new mobile phones, and they will surprise and delight you: Phones with foldable screens! Phones that have cameras and buttons in different places! Phones that literally peer into your body and reveal not just whether you've made your steps, but whether you're on the verge of a heart attack!

2019 Hyundai Kona Electric Review

Efficient powertrain…...that’s fun to drive258-mile rangeGreat standard active safety featuresPlentiful standard equipmentDISLIKES
Limited availabilityNo all-wheel driveBulbous exteriorThe 2019 Hyundai Kona Electric is an exceptional electric hatchback that should get more attention than it does.
Electric cars are now real-time. Practical, useful, but also importantly, available, emissions-free vehicles have moved past early adopters and onto dealer lots.
The 2019 Hyundai Kona Electric is a mainstream hatchback and a big step forward, with a small step back.

Five Feet Apart Movie Review

They Found Love in a Hospital Space

The new tween weeper "Five Feet Apart" is the latest YA adaptation to explore first love amidst a chronic illness in the hopes of wringing a good cry out of its intended audience. Sure, it's a cynical approach, and each movie of this type feels a bit more cynical than the last. It seems since the immense popularity of "The Fault in our Stars," which made just over $300 million worldwide, releases like "Five Feet Apart" are just chasing that success.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Review

With improved software, triple cameras and a futuristic design, the Galaxy S10 is just as viable an option as the S10 Plus. Here is our full review
Should I Buy The Samsung Galaxy S10?
The Galaxy S10 is a very good phone, sacrificing only screen size, dual front facing cameras and battery life compared to the S10 Plus. The regular S10 is a more comfortable size phone at a better price and has the same great triple rear cameras.
Build quality is outstanding and it has every feature under the sun, with a headphone jack, wireless charging, full waterproofing and the best display on a smartphone to date. Battery life is the main disappointment but aside from this it’s an amazing phone.

Maren Morris - Girl Music Album Reviews

On her second album, the country-pop singer remains a powerhouse talent who can sing the hell of out every middle-of-the-road style going.
If you want a representative sample of pop music in 2018, something to throw in a time capsule so that future explorers scouring Earth’s climate-wrecked mess would know exactly how good the radio was on average, you can’t do better than Zedd and Maren Morris’ “The Middle.” The hit is a slightly snazzier version of Zedd’s previous hit, Alessia Cara collaboration “Stay,” with the same vocoder chorus and clock ticks. For Morris’ part, the writers also auditioned Anne-Marie (the former front-runner, who lost it because of the music jobbing equivalent of a non-compete agreement), two members of Fifth Harmony, Carly Rae Jepsen(!), and more than 12 other singers.

Yves Jarvis - The Same but by Different Means Music Album Reviews

The home-recording savant stitches together micro-epics into a sprawling expanse that feels both intimate and grand.
Over the past five years, the Montreal-based Jean-Sebastian Audet has amassed a considerable body of work, one where the conventional laws and logic of songwriting don’t apply and where the end goal is less a musical experience than a metaphysical one. An obsessive home-recording savant since his early teens, Audet (now 22) has said his goal is to record a song per day. That said, he’s less a writer than a sculptor, forever picking away at the monolithic mass of musical ideas in his mind. He’s as concerned with process as with results, letting us marvel at he little pieces he’s chipped off along the way.

Robert Forster - Inferno Music Album Reviews

13 years after the death of his Go-Betweens partner Grant McLennan, Forster offers reflections with a spring in his step.
A singer-songwriter with strong affinities for the boho life, Robert Forster has followed few of the dictates of what others might call a career. In the ’80s. he wrote an essay explaining what products to use on hair as boring as his. He titled a tune “I Love Myself (And I Always Have).” He records when he has enough songs to fill an album, which these days takes a while. About the only rock star thing he’s done in recent years is release a memoir, the most literate of the dozens by artists, boho ancestors included, who have also entered the memoir stage; Forster’s is written, not assembled.

machìna - archipelago Music Album Reviews

Having traded K-pop’s regimented model for an experimental sound merging modular synthesis with vocal manipuation, the Tokyo-based Yeohee Kim finds a new degree of artistic freedom.
True artistic freedom is a rarity, but Yeohee Kim knows its inverse all too well. The Korean artist nabbed viral attention in 2010 thanks to a pair of YouTube videos she uploaded under the name Apple Girl, covering Beyoncé’s “Irreplaceable” and Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” using only iPhone apps as instruments. This techie-baiting twee springboarded Kim to a career in K-pop, an industry known for its dazzling and genre-bending songs but not particularly celebrated for yielding creative control to performers. She’s said that dealing with the demands of others proved problematic for her early pop days. “I always thought about what people thought about me,” Kim told Harvard’s WHRB radio station in 2018. “I had to find this thing that I could not give up, I had to find the thing that I had to do before I could star…

Honey Bunny Easter Chex Mix

Honey Bunny Easter Chex Mix is a quick and easy snack for your Easter celebration. It comes together in minutes. If you like honey, you’ll love this one!

Cheetah Nails

I'm sure that most of you have seen that kind of design, it's like one of the most favourite or popular, but still you can find many ways to make it somehow different and totally cute, just put a creative spin on it;) Since I love love love orange colour and it's great for summer, this is what I've decided to do:

HP Spectre Folio Review

Hybrid laptop tend to be either too expensive or under-powered but has HP managed to balance the two with the Spectre Folio? Find out in our full review.
Should I Buy The HP Spectre Folio?
The Folio's leather-clad hybrid design looks fantastic and works extremely well, and the smart exterior is paired with a high-quality 1080p touchscreen and enough battery power to easily see you through a whole day.
However, CPU power lags behind the competition, and the keyboard is too shallow and light for hardcore typists.

2019 Audi e-tron Review

Nicely proportioned exteriorA back seat large enough for adultsVery quiet, comfortable rideSpeedy 150-kw fast charging capabilityDISLIKES
Range doesn’t measure up to Tesla150-kw chargers still few and far betweenToo much left to touchscreensClimate controls too low in the line of sightThe 2019 Audi e-tron is the way for families to go fully electric in a familiar and very luxurious package.
The 2019 Audi e-tron is a spacious, all-electric SUV; the first fully electric vehicle from the German luxury brand best known for its quattro all-wheel-drive system, attractive but conservative exteriors, and well-designed and obsessively detailed cabins. It’s available for 2019 in Premium Plus, Prestige, and Edition 1 versions.

Finding Steve McQueen Movie Review

Maybe Driver
In 1972 a gang of thieves led by a guy with a political grudge against President Nixon made away with millions in illegal slush funds that had been parked in a California bank vault by the Nixon campaign. The break-in, and the subsequent FBI manhunt for the robbers, forms the basis of the new comedic heist film "Finding Steve McQueen." Just to allay any confusion, this one's not actually about the tough-guy actor whose suave anti-hero persona ruled the big screen throughout the 1960s and 70s - but the McQueen vibe provides a through-line as our lead adopts his name and likeness as a defense while on the run. Steve McQueen's trademark cool and his love of fast cars provides respite for Harry Barber, a man on the lam, and sets the aesthetic tone for this sweet, spirited caper film.

Lenovo Yoga S730 Review

Lenovo's Yoga S730 aims to bring a slightly more reasonably priced option to the ultra-portable market while still housing Intel's latest and greatest chips. Find out if it delivers in our full review.
Should I Buy The Lenovo Yoga S730?
The Yoga S730 is a solid mid-range laptop if you can't afford the flare of the Dell XPS 13.
It's light, respectably powerful, sleek looking and an ideal travel companion for basic computing but the unimpressive battery life and lack of a USB-A port stop it getting full marks.

Helado Negro - This Is How You Smile Music Album Reviews

Roberto Carlos Lange’s sixth and best album as Helado Negro deepens and expands upon the imagistic nature of his lyrics and cosmic synth-folk. It is a sublime, masterful piece of music.
The Antiguan-American author Jamaica Kincaid first published the short story “Girl” in The New Yorker in 1978. In what is essentially one long run-on sentence, “Girl” takes the form of a stern mother’s list of instructions to her daughter on how to become a skilled, self-possessed woman (“this is how you sweep a whole house; this is how you sweep a yard; this is how you smile to someone you don’t like too much; this is how you smile to someone you don’t like at all”). The litany is imbued with both intense maternal love and unsparing criticism, an imbalance that reflects a colonialist structure that Kincaid sharply excoriates in writing. “I’ve come to see that I’ve worked through the relationship of the mother and the girl to a relationship between Europe and the place that I’m from,” Kincaid explained …

Air Fryer Oreos with Oreo Dip

Air Fryer Oreos are a fun little treat for any day of the week. They’re just like the Air Fried Oreos at the fair but healthier. We’re taking them over the top with the addition of a delicious Oreo Dip.

Nautical Nails

This nail design is inspired by sailing and I'm showing you two versions of it. I also added a little tutorial at the end, hope you find it helpful!

Samsung Galaxy Buds Review

Samsung has introduced a new pair of wireless earbuds with various upgrades including wireless charging. Find out what we make of the Galaxy Buds in our full review.
Should I Buy The Samsung Galaxy Buds?
The Galaxy Buds are solidly good wireless earbuds with comfortable design and reasonable sound quality for an affordable price.
Samsung has added some nice features here like Ambient Sound, but there are also cost cutting measures and iPhone owners will want to avoid considering these as an AirPods alternative.

2019 Toyota Mirai Review

Water is the only emissionComfortable interiorGood rangeGood lease dealsDISLIKES
Not very attractiveNot powerfulOnly appeals to a small number of buyersProhibitively expensive to buyThe 2019 Toyota Mirai hydrogen-powered sedan is the other, other option for green drivers—albeit a very small number of green drivers.
The 2019 Toyota Mirai is a hydrogen-powered sedan sold in very small numbers in Northern and Southern California and Hawaii.

CyberGhost VPN Review

A fully featured VPN with an interface simple enough for the beginner, yet with options that should keep everyone happy.
Should I Buy CyberGhost?
CyberGhost is a really easy-to-use VPN service that offers unblocking and support for torrents. The multi-year subscriptions are very cheap, and the Windows app is particularly powerful.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Premiere Date, Cast, Trailers, And News

Here's everything we know about Game of Thrones season 8 - the final chapter in HBO's epic fantasy series - including when to expect it, the latest trailers and news, and how to watch the show's first seven seasons again
Game of Thrones is rocketing towards its grand finale, with season 8 - and the show's final episodes - just months away. Here's what you need to know about when Game of Thrones is back, along with what to expect from the final season, and how to catch up on seasons 1-7.

DaBaby - Baby On Baby Music Album Reviews

The irreverent and charismatic Charlotte rapper's Interscope debut is just as wild as his mixtapes.
There are 13 songs on DaBaby’s Interscope debut, Baby on Baby, and on those 13 songs, he starts rapping at the following timestamps: 0:00, 0:07, 0:08, 0:16, 0:00, 0:00, 0:01, 0:00, 0:00, 0:02, 0:02, 0:06, and 0:11. This is the fundamental appeal of DaBaby’s music—it’s aggressive, energetic, obsessed with forward motion. The Charlotte native can turn a colorful phrase and sell rote ones through sheer charisma. There are no moody beat shifts or lofty gestures: DaBaby is not trying to be played in museums or at brunch.

SASAMI - SASAMI Music Album Reviews

Sasami Ashworth’s debut union of synthesizer decay and guitar reverb that embodies shoegaze’s supernatural ability to conjure sadness from the void.
There is an indescribable melancholy to shoegaze coursing just beneath the surface. The music seems designed to overwhelm you with unnamable feelings: I am sad and I listen to Loveless Every Night is the name of a Facebook group, yes, but it’s also a lifestyle. Even the brightest songs by the Cocteau Twins carry an undertow of sorrow. Sasami Ashworth’s shoegaze invokes similar feelings; the Los Angeles-based polymath has made her name over the years as the synth player in Cherry Glazerr, and as a producer for Wild Nothing and Vagabon, among others. Her debut record, SASAMI, is a union of synthesizer decay and guitar reverb that embodies shoegaze’s supernatural ability to conjure sadness from the void.

Sun Kil Moon - I Also Want to Die in New Orleans Music Album Reviews

Mark Kozelek’s latest 90-minute dispatch frames his unedited ramblings as a kind of... free jazz?
There’s a special kind of panic that sets in when you’re trapped in a one-sided conversation, the powerlessness of realizing that no amount of fidgeting will make the story you never volunteered to hear end any sooner and that, no matter how much your eyes dart across the room, nobody else at the party will come to rescue you. No songwriter has induced that feeling as uncannily over the last half-decade as Sun Kil Moon’s Mark Kozelek. Since 2014’s wide-ranging and discursive Benji, he’s doubled down on talk for talk’s sake, sharing ever-longer monologues increasingly devoid of irony, comic coincidence, payoffs, or takeaways, all delivered at the slumberous pace of those first 15 minutes of Marc Maron’s podcast that everybody skips.

Pissgrave - Posthumous Humiliation Music Album Reviews

On their second album, this proudly gratuitous Philadelphia quartet dives headlong into extreme gore and extreme sonics, making a real-life mess of death.
Pissgrave had only one option: to get more extreme. In 2015, the Philadelphia band released one of the most disgusting death metal albums in recent history, Suicide Euphoria. A more frenzied version of Revenge’s blasting war metal, the album led with cover art where bones floated in what’s most politely called brown death goop. Posthumous Humiliation makes the gore even more clear, sporting a ripped-open face with its jaw prominently split in two. If you’re familiar with goregrind’s frequently exploitative, voyeuristic tradition, it’s nothing new, though most goregrind bands wouldn’t pass the muster of a tastemaking, subgenre-agnostic label like Profound Lore. As such, some potential Pissgrave fans may actually be turned off by such a blatantly malevolent image. But the music matches it: Posthumous Humiliation is gratuitously violent…

Oreo Dip

Oreo Dip is like deliciously decadent cheesecake with lots of Oreo pieces. It’s a make-ahead party dessert that is the perfect combination of cookies ‘n cream.

Feather Nails

Today I want to show you feather inspired nails. I really like this design, it's so delicate. You can see that I used some green in it, but if you're not so into green you can defiitely use e.g. blue, purple or mint instead of it, whatever works for you.

BullGuard Premium Protection 2019 Review

We tested BullGuard's latest internet security package to find out how it compares with other antivirus options.
Should I Buy BullGuard Premium Protection?
A solid AV solution with some nice parental control and identity protection features. A VPN would be a good addition to the otherwise very generous installation quota.

2019 FIAT 500e Review

Emissions-free drivingGood looksBest 500 to driveDISLIKES
Limited to California and OregonHigh price for low rangeNo smartphone softwareNo automatic emergency brakingThe 2019 Fiat 500e is a throwback in more ways than one: It has a nostalgic style and feel, but also outdated range.
The 2019 Fiat 500e is a small, electric city car with style that’s sold in very small numbers, and only in California and Oregon.

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) Review

A mid-range phone with triple rear cameras is a rare thing, especially at under £300 but the Galaxy A7 isn't an instant winner. Find out why in our full review.
Should I Buy The Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018)? The Galaxy A7 is a decent choice for a mid-range phone if you're looking to spend less than £300. Highlights include an excellent screen, nice design and cameras you'd wouldn't expect to find.
However, unless you're going to use the wide-angle lens a lot there are some strong rivals out there like the Moto G7 Plus and Honor Play.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Hands-On Preview

Niantic has used the tech behind its hugely successful Pokémon Go to bring witches and wizards a new game that they’re going to be obsessed with.
Should I Buy Harry Potter: Wizards Unite?
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is more than just Pokémon Go with magic. It brings gameplay elements that you'll know and love if you're a Pokémon Go fan together with new and exciting features designed exclusively for this new game to bring the Wizarding World to life.

Little Simz - GREY Area Music Album Reviews

The third album from the 25-year-old UK fire-spitter is a wickedly assured, highly entertaining, coming-of-age marvel.
Little Simz is still seeking a sense of direction on her wondrous new album GREY Area. The “grey area” in question is her mid-20s, a “strange place” she’s eager to navigate through and out of, by the sound of it. “I just wrote the album from a place of confusion,” the rapper born Simbi Ajikawo recently told Noisey, making the uncertainty of a quarter-life crisis seem like navigating the fog of war. A similar search for certainty ran through her second album, 2017’s Stillness in Wonderland, a Lewis Carroll-based introspective adventure throughout which she sought a better understanding of self. Armed with lessons from that stumble down the rabbit hole, she is far more assured on GREY Area. It is a coming-of-age marvel.

Lomelda - M for Empathy Music Album Reviews

The Texas songwriter examines empathy in a series of probing and gemlike miniatures.
For the past few years, Hannah Read has been in constant motion. Long drives were a part of her routine when living in small-town Silsbee, TX., and the isolating mobility of her extensive touring as Lomelda led to the inspiration for her 2017 album Thx. But the road is more than just a means to her physical destination—it cultivated a fixation with communication and understanding, which were hefty themes on Thx and have continued to provide fodder for new songs. Now, after transplanting herself to Los Angeles, Read takes a more contemplative turn, embracing brevity and modest production on her newest album M for Empathy.

Sofia Kourtesis - Sofia Kourtesis EP Music Album Reviews

The Peruvian-born, Berlin-based musician’s debut EP is the kind of house music that skirts convention and renounces rote functionality without ever forgetting that its purpose is to make people move.
Last year’s Studio Barnhus Volym 1, the first full-length compilation from the cheerfully leftfield Stockholm dance label, was a group portrait populated in large part by class clowns and loveable misfits. Co-founders Kornél Kovács, Pedrodollar, and Axel Boman all delivered reliably off-kilter takes on their twinkling brand of house music; Kompakt’s Superpitcher jumpstarted a senior center’s AM radio with some help from a battered drum machine; and Baba Stiltz did his stoned lothario bit. But virtually everyone on the record—even DJ Koze, whose ambient beats took on an unusually opalescent glow—was upstaged by Sofia Kourtesis’ bewitching “WinWin San.” With easy-listening vocal harmonies looping dreamily above garbled voices and a deceptively bass-heavy house groove, the song swirled like a…

Westkust - Westkust Music Album Reviews

On their first LP following another bout of lineup changes, this Gothenburg band pushes against shoegaze confinement with songs meant to feel good.
Sweden’s Westkust have always existed at the brink of annihilation. Almost immediately after forming a decade ago, they endured a series of tumultuous lineup changes before solidifying in 2011 as a five-piece, including two members of fellow Gothenburg rockers Makthaverskan. Together, they released the Junk EP, a grunge-tinged surf-rock record, and their fuzzy, post-punk-laced debut LP, Last Forever. But just as that record earned international attention, Westkust faded into the background. Both Makthaverskan members departed, leaving the rest of the band to struggle to finish Westkust, the record they started in 2016.

Air Fryer Salmon

Air Fryer Salmon is a delicious and healthy dinner entree. It cooks in minutes in the Air Fryer and uses very little oil. Perfect for a healthy, balanced diet.

Easter Nails

It's time for my first nail design inspired by Easter:D I decided to paint bunnies on my nails, cause they are so perfect for this holiday. What do you think? What will you be wearing on your nails?:D

VTech InnoTab Max Kids Tablet Review

The VTech InnoTab Max is a kids tablet for children aged 3-6 that includes Wi-Fi for safe web browsing and messaging apps.
Should I Buy The VTech InnoTab Max?
The VTech InnoTab Max is best suited to children ages 3-6, and includes some fun, creative games plus an excellent messaging feature that kids love. The kid-safe web browsing needs some parental monitoring but is more expansive than rival Leapfrog's. We did find the InnoTab Max frustratingly slow to load, and the photo quality is as averagely poor as with all kids tech, but it's a good choice for a child's first computer. Check out the latest, best online prices: we've seen the InnoTab Max for under £55.

2019 Lincoln MKZ Review

Hybrid available across the rangeSedate, comfortable mannersOptional twin-turbo V-6 is potentStandard safety techDISLIKES Discount-feeling interiorUnrefined base engineOther sedans are more engagingAging tech and appointmentsThe 2019 Lincoln MKZ is comfortable, quiet, and quick with the right engine, but lacks a refinement that other brands deliver.
The 2019 Lincoln MKZ is an understated luxury sedan that’s often overlooked, but its potent or thrifty powertrains and relative value are worth a second glance. We give it 6.7 out of 10 overall with consideration for decent value and its impressively efficient hybrid powertrain.

Amazon Lord Of The Rings TV Show Latest News

Amazon's Lord of the Rings TV series has been quiet on the news front for the past few months but we're starting to some details emerge for the highly anticipated show.
For most of the past decade, TV producers have been desperate to find ‘the next Game of Thrones’, and now Amazon apparently reckons it’s found it: Lord of the Rings.

LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum Review

A review of the LeapPad Platinum, a tablet with a bigger, higher resolution screen than previously, plus a card slot for even more interactive games.
Should I Buy The LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum?
If you’re after a tablet for your kids – or grandkids – the LeapPad Platinum is a decent choice. It’s completely locked down, designed specifically for kids and therefore will withstand the odd knock or drop. Kids will love the pre-loaded content, which is generally good quality, but they’ll be asking for more apps before long, and the choice is much more limited than on an Android tablet or iPad. The best alternative is Amazon’s Fire HD 6 which is a better-specified tablet but doesn’t have a stylus or case. If you can stretch to £119.99, the Kids Edition of the HD 6 comes with a foam bumper case, a “worry-free” guarantee and a year’s subscription to Fire for Kids Unlimited, making it a good deal.

2 Chainz - Rap or Go to the League Music Album Reviews

The Atlanta rapper rewrites the rulebook on winning on his most thoughtful album.
2 Chainz formed his rap group Playaz Circle in 1997, the last year he played college basketball at Alabama State. He’d sold dope in the meantime, and for much of his life; he was a felon before he was legally an adult. The College Park native had turned to rap in search of a “legal hustle,” he said, to “stay out of jail and stay out of the grave.” His dream route from D-1 prospect to NBA franchise player didn’t ever pan out, but he eventually found his way to the All-Star game anyway: Last year, he allegedly spent $1 million on a blimp that flew over the Staples Center in Los Angeles. All to announce a rap album.

Roses Gabor - Fantasy & Facts Music Album Reviews

The UK singer weaves in and out of reality and make-believe on her debut album of lush, experimental R&B. It’s a transparent look into her swelling heart and wistful imagination.
Roses Gabor is a dreamer. Free-flowing like her Pisces sign, the artist’s winding career is proof of her ability to make waves in various spaces. Before arriving with her new project, the singer-songwriter was known mostly as a gifted background vocalist and featured guest with acts like Gorillaz, Brasstracks, and SBTRKT on his 2011 song, “Pharaohs.” In 2012, she took a leap and premiered “Stars,” her first independent and dub-heavy track. Over the last six years, Gabor has been working hard on building her otherworldly sound. On her debut album Fantasy & Facts, Gabor has re-emerged with silvery melodies that expand on the electronic rhythms she holds close.

Hozier - Wasteland, Baby! Music Album Reviews

The man who took us to church tries to take us to the same church, again, 14 times, six years later.
Like a desperate magician guessing card after card until he arrives at the one in your hand, Andrew Hozier-Byrne spends much of his second album stumbling through a simple trick. To kick off his first full-length in five years, the platinum-selling Irish singer-songwriter celebrates the legends who spoke truth to power, as he shouts out a veritable VH1 marathon’s worth of greats: Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, John Lennon, James Brown, Joni Mitchell, Mavis Staples, Patti Smith, Marvin Gaye, and more are name-checked during the opening song “Nina Cried Power.” The message is simple. All of these people made a difference, and, whoever you are, wherever you are, at least one of them probably means something to you. Why dwell in hopelessness when you can join the choir?

T-Pain - 1UP Music Album Reviews

The Auto-Tune crooner catches everyone’s attention and promptly squanders it again.
How many times can we be surprised by the strength of T-Pain’s voice? Back in 2014, clips of the multi-platinum, Grammy-winning artist singing without the aid of Auto-Tune for NPR’s ”Tiny Desk” series quickly went viral for their deft display of vocal control, proving that the man who soundtracked our high school proms and parties with pitch-corrected pop anthems could command a room with his God-given croon. Now, five years later, he’s shocking us once again, this time by winning a reality singing competition that required him to shroud his identity in a furry cyclops costume and belt Sam Smith ballads. The show’s judges guessed the identity of “The Monster” was a former R&B star, like Jamie Foxx or Tyrese Gibson, or even Darius Rucker. No one considered the Rappa Ternt Sanga, who, upon shedding his mask and on the verge of tears, explained, “I didn’t get a chance to enter the game with my natural …

Easy Peach Cobbler

This easy peach cobbler uses canned peaches to speed up prep time. A fluffy, tender cake envelops the tender peaches, creating an incredibly simple fruit dessert you can enjoy year-round.

Leapfrog Epic Review

If you don't want to hand over your iPad, there are plenty of tablets designed for children. Here's our review of the LeapFrog Epic.
Should I Buy The LeapFrog Epic?
The updated software and interactive home screen are welcome, but the hardware is disappointing for the money. You don’t get many games included, and there’s limited educational value in what’s bundled. Amazon’s new £99 Kids Edition Fire tablet is arguably a better deal as it has better hardware, a better warranty (with accidental damage cover) and a year’s subscription to kids’ content thrown in.
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