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David Bowie - Spying Through a Keyhole Music Album Reviews

This assemblage of strange outtakes and demos—including what may be the first demo of "Space Oddity"—find Bowie in his tentative folkie phase, about to blast off.
Until the heat death of the planet, some of us will never stop seeking out David Bowie rarities, because nothing feels quite as good as communing with him. And if any artist can escape the sad trap of diminished-return posthumous releases—the same gluttonous estate mindset that insists any time Jimi Hendrix sneezed, it deserves a pressing—it’s the Starman, whose innovations and recalibrations were so often two steps ahead of the rest. In the three years since he died, Bowie’s catalog has been expanded modestly in comparison with other departed rock greats—a handful of live sets, unreleased experiments, and collected eccentricities; this has yielded shocking, empathetic peeks into his most troubled era (Cracked Actor (Live Los Angeles ’74)’s live pyrotechnics), victory laps in front of enormous crowds (Glastonbury 20…

Beth Gibbons/Henryk Górecki - Symphony of Sorrowful Songs Music Album Reviews

The Portishead singer and conductor (and film-music icon) Krzysztof Penderecki deliver a surprisingly disquieting take on Górecki’s canonical symphony, a piece so familiar that it’s often taken for granted.
We will never be done with Henryk Górecki, the Polish composer whose Symphony No. 3 won some obscure cultural lottery by entering the popular consciousness in a way 99.999 percent of new orchestral works do not. The work is quite simply deathless: Just three years ago, avant-garde saxophonist Colin Stetson offered his own version. Stetson, normally associated with more pitiless and hair-raising stuff, like the score for the modern horror classic Hereditary, bowed before the solemnity and the soft curves of Gorecki’s piece with a faithful interpretation, as does nearly everyone who approaches it.

American Pleasure Club - Fucking Bliss Music Album Reviews

The album Sam Ray envisioned as his last begs close listening, but punctuated with impenetrable harshness, it is almost prohibitively scattered.
Death has a way of magnifying an artist’s life. Suddenly, there’s a cliff where their output ends; absent new work, fans and critics are left to analyze and dissect what’s left, and to begin to define some sort of legacy. Some artists, aware of their imminent demise, may try to get out in front of the posthumous obsession. David Bowie, secretly suffering from liver cancer, created the complex and beautiful Blackstar as a “parting gift,” and died just two days after its release. The French artist and writer Édouard Levé had similar foresight, drafting a novel about suicide 10 days before taking his own life in 2007. “Henceforth, the shadow of this tall black tree hides the forest that was your life,” he wrote, pondering the nature of his own remembrance.

Salted Caramel Pistachio-Apricot Baklava

This sweet dessert pastry is made with thin, flaky, buttery layers of phyllo dough and filled with sweet apricots, lightly salted pistachio nuts, and a bit of brown sugar. An apricot caramel sauce is drizzled over the cooled baklava and the entire dessert is sprinkled with coarse salt, providing a sweet and salty bang with each bite.

Squares Nail Art

Today's design is a very colourful and joyful one. I decided to paint little squares on all of my nails and I absolutely love it. It's a nice change from all the restrained autumn colours, don't you think? Let me know if you like it!

Microsoft No More Interested In Recommending Usage Of Internet Explorer

The Internet Explorer brand has been cracked down by software giant Microsoft about four years back while choosing Edge as its modern browser for Windows 10. The Internet Explorer has served for several years for Windows and for business compatibility but Microsoft is no more supporting it with the new web standards.

2019 Mazda MAZDA6 Review

Beautiful exteriorFun to driveSharp handlingStandard active safety featuresImpressive turbo-4DISLIKES
Rivals are more comfortable and quietBase cars skip smartphone softwareCan be expensive in top trimsBUYING TIP
Extra-cost add-ons rarely make a vehicle more appealing, but $595 for a lick of Soul Red paint on the 2019 Mazda 6 is the exception.The 2019 Mazda 6 is a breakout among mid-sizers that can lack flair and fun.
The 2019 Mazda 6 doesn’t make a bad step.

WhatsApp Launches New Feature To Control Being Added To Groups

Popular instant messaging app, WhatsApp has launched new controls that allow you to limit who can add you to group messages. Some of the media reports have said that the app lets you to stop people from adding you to groups if they are not a contact in your address book. As an alternative, you can also prevent anyone at all from being able to add you or otherwise leave the option open to all.

What Does 5.1.2 or 7.1.4 Mean for Surround Sound Speakers, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X?

Dear BPBS,
I've been shopping for a receiver lately and want to get one that does the immersive audio stuff (Dolby Atmos, DTS:X). Some of the receivers say they're 7.2 and other say they're 5.1.4. What do I need and what do these numbers really mean? And can I do the same thing with a soundbar intead of buying a receiver and lots of speakers?
-Peter in Pittsburgh
Hi, Peter,
Thanks for your question. It's one that we've gotten often over the years.

Marvin Gaye - You’re the Man Music Album Reviews

Recorded in 1972, this largely unreleased “lost” album is a fascinating glimpse into what one of the great 20th-century artists strategically allowed the culture to see.
Morally right-on, emotionally vulnerable, and still musically avant-garde, Marvin Gaye’s previously unreleased 1972 album You’re the Man is the timeless sound of a combustible rhythm and blues. Just from the title track’s first few seconds of wah-wah guitar, the album beams us directly into the heart of what a Jet magazine writer in 1972 once called “the new Black sound”—that rising tide of politically urgent, progressive Top 40 soul music like the O’Jays’ “Backstabbers,” the Staples Singers’ “This World,” the Temptations’ “Papa Was a Rolling Stone,” and Curtis Mayfield’s Superfly soundtrack extravaganza “Freddie’s Dead.”

FACS - Lifelike Music Album Reviews

On their second release, the Disappears alums turn mercurial, whipping their habitual post-rock into more impressionistic, unpredictable forms.
Disappears were a perfectly named band. Over the course of five studio albums, the Chicago quartet took the standard indie-rock starter kit—Velvets-schooled guitar noise, motorik propulsion, hectoring post-punk sing-speak—and gradually melted it down until all traces of the band’s initial identity had been obliterated. Post-rock has become synonymous with large orchestral ensembles and sweeping crescendos, but the term was originally meant to describe artists that used traditional rock instrumentation to make music that steadfastly did not rock in any traditional sense. And on their 2015 album Irreal, Disappears’ swan song, they honored that original definition, forsaking their signature fuzz-covered thrust for skin-piercing guitar pricks, stalking post-industrial rhythms, and pure gothic dread.

Moon Tooth - Crux Music Album Reviews

The Long Island prog-metal band bursts with enthusiasm and rabid energy, as if Mastodon's apocalyptic visions were replaced with cosmic wonder.
Moon Tooth draw attention like the big, bold letters of a comic book: Their technical prowess, rabid energy, and pristine-sounding records all work in favor of making your eyes light up, your heart rate accelerate. The Long Island quartet’s sophomore album, Crux, pairs down the hyperactive whimsy of 2016’s self-released Chromaparagon in favor of simpler pleasures. Hooks abound. Lighters are raised. The last decade’s rock heavyweights—from radio titans like Foo Fighters and Incubus to more progressive acts like Tool and the Dillinger Escape Plan—all seem, at various points, like fair comparisons. It’s rock music built from familiar sounds, all drawn together by an ability to swerve suddenly into pyrotechnics.

Laura Stevenson - The Big Freeze Music Album Reviews

On her fifth solo album, the New York musician both evolves as a singer-songwriter and grows in confidence, addressing heavy emotional themes with candor and grace.
Laura Stevenson has been a solo artist for over a decade, but only now, with her fifth album, does she truly sound like one. The New York musician’s career began in the DIY ska-punk band Bomb the Music Industry! before she peeled off to write her own material, often with friends rallying behind her in her backing band, the Cans. But after releasing the indie-pop record Cocksure, in 2015, she got married, bought a house, and adopted a dog. It’s within these domestic comforts that Stevenson found the courage to confront her demons after years of lyrically hinting at them. The result is The Big Freeze, a record where Stevenson makes her voice and guitar the focus, basks in minimal orchestration, and dissects her past in hopes that she can, finally, detach herself from its grasp.

Instant Pot Baby Back Ribs

Instant Pot Baby Back Ribs bring all the smoky BBQ flavor without having to stand in front of the grill. It’s easy to make tender rack of pork ribs by using the Instant Pot.

Halloween! Nail Art

Hi there! I know that Halloween is in like two days, but still I wanted to show you other designs that you could have on your nails for that day. I had some free time today and was so eager to paint something, that I ended up with four different designs. Let me know which one is your favourite- I'm definitely voting for the one with haunted houses. Have an awesome Halloween guys!

Borderlands 3 Release Date, Platforms, Gameplay And Trailer News

Here’s everything you need to know about Borderlands 3, from the release date to the latest gameplay news.
Following a flurry of teasers from Gearbox, Borderlands 3 was finally revealed at the company’s conference at PAX East 2019. It’s the return to the beloved open-world first-person shooter series that fans had been waiting for, and it looks like Borderlands 3 won’t disappoint. It boasts over a billion weapons, sees the return of beloved characters and teases a variety of open-world environments to explore.

2020 Toyota Yaris Preview

Mazda bonesHatchback’s utilityDecent standard equipmentDISLIKES
Not prettyAutomatic emergency braking isn’t full-speedNo manual transmissionBUYING TIP
The 2020 Toyota Yaris hatchback returns to the lineup. We’re waiting to see if the Yaris sedan makes the cut (we bet it will).The 2020 Toyota Yaris hatchback returns, this time with desirable Mazda bones and questionable styling.
The 2020 Toyota Yaris hatchback has a secret: It’s really a Mazda 2 hatchback with Toyota badges.

Fitbit Inspire HR Review

The Fitbit Inspire HR offers a decent set of fitness features at an affordable price - and its heart monitor takes things to the next level. We review its design, specs and value for money
Should I Buy The Fitbit Inspire HR?
We're happy to recommend the Fitbit Inspire HR. This is a good price for a light, smart-looking device that does a great job of covering the fitness basics and excels at sleep tracking.

Huawei P30 Review

Triple cameras and an in-screen fingerprint scanner make the new Huawei P30 a serious step-up from last year's model
Should I Buy The Huawei P30? Huawei's pitch for the P30 is all about the camera, and it's fair to say that the company has delivered. The Pro model may be one step ahead, but this version is still a match for almost any flagship out there, especially in low light and long-distance shots, where Huawei has really thrown down the gauntlet.
The P30 also looks stunning, with a big display (and small notch), some lovely colourful finishes, and a seriously slim body - though the trade-off is one of the worst camera bumps we've ever seen. And there's even a headphone jack.

Fennesz - Agora Music Album Reviews

The experimental musician’s sweeping, ambient album works in small, fascinating ways from moment to moment but has a cumulative force that is unlike anything he’s done in years.
Among the wave of experimental electronic music artists who came to prominence in the 1990s and early 2000s, Christian Fennesz was the scene’s great romantic. His laptop compositions were as formally rigorous as those of his peers, but his music always carried with it an element of grandeur and a touch of the sublime. Unlike many of the producers who were once gathered together under the umbrella of IDM, Fennesz’s work never had a strong connection to dance music. There were beats on early tracks like 1997’s “Blok M,” but these were the exception. Fennesz’s musical heart lay somewhere far from the dance floor.

The Matthew Herbert Big Band - The State Between Us Music Album Reviews

The producer and DJ’s guest-packed “Brexit album” conjures a great sprawl of humor and tragedy that makes for Herbert’s richest album in years.
Matthew Herbert was once a people-pleasing house DJ, but over the past decade he has become known primarily as an eccentric. His high-concept themes and unorthodox methods—manipulating samples from aerial warfare, a pig’s life, and other artifacts of consumerism—tend to overshadow the producer and composer’s core mission: an earnest campaign to make us to consider not just sounds but also their sources, and to experience both as equals.

DJ Muggs/Mach-Hommy - Tuez-Les Tous Music Album Reviews

The cryptic and elusive New Jersey rapper teams with DJ Muggs, who is enjoying a career renaissance as the go-to producer for glowering, throwback East Coast street rap.
There are strains of underground rap that predict the mainstream’s future or find themselves in conversation with its present. Then there’s the one that branches from Marcberg’s rib: mid-tempo crime-boss luxury shit that comes from New York City or Buffalo or is beamed from some indeterminate location straight onto Bandcamp, more or less unconcerned with anything happening outside itself. The scene has those who are celebrated as high-art auteurs (Ka) and those, like the Griselda Gang, who turn everything into pro wrestling. Mach-Hommy was once associated with the latter group but is stranger and more elusive than just about all of his stylistic peers, using the musical shorthand that’s been codified over the last decade of New York street rap to assemble records that are strange, militant, and endlessly replayable, if…

Tisakorean - A Guide To Being A Partying Freshman Music Album Reviews

With its tinny mix, infectious chant raps, and Fruity Loops-style beats, this Texas dance rap king's debut has a refreshingly unforced charm.
Tisakorean’s A Guide To Being A Partying Freshman sounds made for a Myspace page in 2008. With its tinny mix and Fruity Loops-style finger snaps and steel drums, you can easily imagine the whole thing being made on a high school computer lab’s Dell desktop. His rushed vocals, meanwhile, sound recorded in a bedroom closet just before his mom forced him to do his homework. And yet the Texas rapper has established himself 2019’s king of dance rap.

Bananas Foster Upside-Down Cake

The tableside flambéing of bananas Foster sure is impressive ... if someone else is making it for you. This cake has all the flavors of the New Orleans classic in easier-to-prepare cake form that's just as stunning as the original for a healthier dessert you'll be proud to serve.

Halloween! Nail Art

Hi everyone! Since Halloween is just around the corner, I thought it's high time for some Halloween-themed nails and decided to do these pumpkin nail design. We don't really celebrate it in Poland, probably would be fun to, but I got used to our tradition and I don't really mind it. Still, wanted to show you fun designs (yes, I'm planning on doing others!) if you're going to celebrate it. Hope you like it!

Best Like Locks

Bike locks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We round up the best for different budgets.
Depending upon which source you look at, between 300,000 and 400,000 bikes are stolen every year now in the UK, and almost 25 percent of all bike thefts happen in London. Worrying stats, we’re sure you’ll agree. If you want to have the best chance of keeping hold of your bike, you’ll need a good lock.

2020 Ford Escape Preview

Lots of engine choicesClean interior designGood standard safety gearDISLIKES
Light on cargo spaceWe’re waiting for mpg ratingsBland stylingBUYING TIP
The 2020 Ford Escape goes on sale in fall 2019, but the plug-in hybrid won’t arrive until spring 2020.The 2020 Ford Escape was overdue for a redesign, but the new model trades style for powertrain choices.
The redesigned 2020 Ford Escape crossover SUV will have nearly as many flavors as your local ice cream shop when it goes on sale later this year.

Gaggia Naviglio Review

If you want delicious coffee at the touch of a button without breaking the bank then the Gaggia Naviglio is a great choice. Find out why in our full review.
Should I Buy The Gaggia Naviglio?
It might not be perfect but the Gaggia Naviglio only has some minor issues stopping it from being flawless.
If you're looking for an affordable but great quality bean-to-cup coffee machine then this fits the bill perfectly. It does it in style with enough features for the average drinker.

Huawei P30 Pro Review

The P30 Pro is Huawei’s latest flagship, and outshines the Mate 20 Pro thanks to superior cameras. Here's our review.
Should I Buy The Huawei P30 Pro?
The P30 Pro is another fantastic flagship from Huawei that takes smartphone photography to the next level. Add to this great performance, excellent battery life and beautiful gradient finishes and you have a champion.

Quelle Chris - Guns Music Album Reviews

Quelle Chris examines how words, fear, and skin color are weaponized, and how one’s community can dictate their relationship to firearms.
Near the end of Quelle Chris’ new album, Guns, singer/producer Bilal Salaam ticks off some of the recent mass shootings in United States history: Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, where Nikolas Cruz gunned down 17; First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, where Devin Patrick Kelley murdered 26; and the carnage at a country music festival in Las Vegas, where Stephen Paddock killed 58 concertgoers. Salaam’s voice is pitched down, modulated to a near robotic tone, conjuring pre-2000 Busta Rhymes when “there was only one year left.” In a flash, everything before Salaam’s verse—on an interlude called “Sunday Mass”—is briefly forgotten; all the lo-fi drum loops give way to the album’s most sobering moment.

Mdou Moctar - Ilana (The Creator) Music Album Reviews

The Tuareg musician’s first full-band studio album is an incandescent set of guitar music with a spontaneous, celebratory air—and a latent urgency reflecting the region’s very real difficulties.
Whether it’s stories about African-American legends reared on plantations in rural Mississippi or the apocryphal tale of a young Jimi Hendrix carrying around a broom until his family could afford a real guitar, blues and rock aficionados love a hardscrabble creation story. So it makes sense that in the discourse around one of the year’s most incandescent examples of guitar music, much ado is made about Mdou Moctar’s first instrument. The Tuareg guitarist was raised in northern Niger by a deeply religious family where music was verboten. He made his first guitar from a piece of wood strung with brake wires from an old bicycle, his many hours of practice kept clandestine.

Joni Void - Mise En Abyme Music Album Reviews

French-British producer Jean Cousin draws despair and wonder from within the vast unfeeling of digital communication.
“You are, and will always be, your depression,” intones a computer-synthesized voice on Joni Void's song “Deep Impression.” It's the exact opposite of what you'll hear in therapy, where the goal, more or less, is to separate what you feel and what you are, so that you might more easily bear the former. But there is value, and humor, in naming the wrong thing, the deep and abiding fear, especially when you force a robot to speak it.

Connie Constance - English Rose Music Album Reviews

At turns soulful and spirited, the debut album from the British singer balances rabble-rousing political energy with a nonchalant chumminess.
Connie Constance’s music has a neo-soul sheen and a bloody punk heart. Performing live last year, the British artist moved with Ari Up swagger: She wore pink eye makeup smeared like a bandit’s mask, mashed her feet to the floor, and let her colorful box braids fly. Yet her mutable singing voice can take on the measured care of jazz, and, on her debut album English Rose, convincingly pulls off spiky indie-disco anthems and melancholic pop as well. An unruly energy remains throughout, though, and at times Constance’s serrated rasp sounds like it could tear out of her throat.

Harvest Apple Cobblers

Baked cinnamon-apple slices are served up in individual ramekin dishes and topped with pumpkin-flavored sugar-dusted star cookies in this fall-inspired dessert recipe.

Plum Night Nail Art

Hi everyone! Today I'm showing you a nail polish that I recently bought and that is absolutely perfect for autumn. Such a gorgeous and deep plum colour is something you can definitely wear on your nails this season. I'm thinking about making a post about perfect autumn nail polishes, would you be interested?

Lenovo Foldable Patent Leaves Gadget Geeks Baffled

Foldable phones are the next big thing in the smartphone market scenario. A number of smartphone manufacturing companies are getting down at launching their own models of foldable devices and some of them look promising. The recent company to file a patent for a foldable phone is Lenovo. Considering the fact that the phone designs are getting stranger everyday, the latest patent filing has left the gadget enthusiasts baffled.

2020 Toyota Tacoma Review

LIKES Upgraded infotainment, finallyPower driver’s seat, finallyTRD versions are off-road readyHolds its valueDISLIKES
Still cramped insideCould use more powerStiff ride in some versionsExpensiveBUYING TIP
Look to the Tacoma SR5 for the best balance between features and value, but the TRD versions are compelling off-roaders.Myriad detail upgrades keep the 2020 Toyota Tacoma competitive in the increasingly competitive mid-size pickup truck market.

The 2020 Toyota Tacoma is updated this year, but that may not be enough to fend off pickup truck competitors that have sprung up in recent years.

Shazam! Movie Review

Shazam! sees the silly side of superheroes, and is all the better for it, ending up the best DC movie since The Dark Knight
Should I Buy The Shazam!?
If there’s one word to sum up Shazam! it’s this: fun. Unlike Aquaman, which lost sight of its funny side in the attempt to always be epic, Shazam! knows that the best way to save a silly superhero is to keep them, well, silly.
Zachary Levi is perfection, Mark Strong chews up all the scenery he can get his hands on, and even the kids hold their own as the script zigs and zags between daft teen comedy and surprisingly sincere family fluff - and against all the odds, it somehow always works.

Bitdefender vs Norton

Bitdefender and Norton are two of the best antivirus programs on the market. We compare them to see which is the best choice.
Should I Buy Bitdefender Total Security 2019 Or Norton Security Deluxe?
We've consistently found Bitdefender at the top of our recommended antivirus charts for some time with Norton just below it in second place. Our findings here reflect that with Bitdefender being slightly better rounded, but having said that, you really can't go wrong with Norton either.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Sold Out As It Opens Pre-Orders

Gadget lovers cannot wait to get their hands on the upcoming foldable devices that many companies are working on at present. With a few companies already have their devices in the market, Samsung is one of the few companies, whose foldable devices are much awaited and have caught the attention of the buyers too. Samsung has opened the pre-orders of the $2000 foldable phone on April 14, 2019 and the device is already sold out.

Janet Jackson - Damita Jo Music Album Reviews

Each Sunday, Pitchfork takes an in-depth look at a significant album from the past, and any record not in our archives is eligible. Today, we revisit Janet Jackson’s 2004 album, a lush and preeminently sex-positive album that deserves a reappraisal.
Don’t let that Cheshire cat smile Janet Jackson wears on the cover fool you—this album is something of a tragedy. Damita Jo carries with it inadvertent weight, like a banal conversation with a loved one just a few hours before a fatal accident. What was intended as a long-form expression of nascent love became, in the eyes of many, something repugnant and shameful—a demonstration of Janet Jackson going even further after going too far.

Caramel Cake

Southern caramel cake is typically a multi-layered affair of yellow sponge cake that many see as just a delivery vehicle for the decadent caramel frosting. This simple, somewhat healthier one-layer version of the popular dessert has caramel with benefits. Sweet potato adds another dimension of flavor to the frosting while muscling out some sugar.

Confetti Nail Art

Hello everyone! I've been meaning to post something new for some time, but I really wasn't inspired and didn't do anything worth showing on my nails... so I'm sorry for that! Finally I managed to do something decent. I truly hope that you like this confetti design that I've created. I absolutely love the chunky and glittery nail polish that I'm wearing on my thumb and ring finger (it was pain to get rid of it, but still, totally worth it!). Let me know what you think!

Apple Watch Series To Have OLED Screens Supplied By Japan Display

Fresh reports have said that Japan Display will be supplying the OLED screens for this year’s new Apple Watch model. The new development can be a good news for the liquid crystal display panel supplier that had relied on Apple for more than half of its revenue in the year ending March 2018. The mainstay LCD business was hit heavily by Apple’s recent shift away from LCD.

2020 Kia Sportage Review

Distinctive looksGood ride, taut handlingOptional turbo powerHigh-quality interiorStrong infotainmentDISLIKES
Too thirstyPolarizing stylingDifficult outward visionDid we mention it's a guzzler?BUYING TIP
Think twice about the turbo engine. It’s peppy but thirsty.The 2020 Kia Sportage is refreshed, stylish, and competitive as ever, though its fuel economy is poor.
The 2020 Kia Sportage is a compact crossover SUV with sporty looks and strong turbo power. Newer rivals give it fierce competition, however.

Hotspot Shield Premium Review

A well-known VPN, Hotspot Shield still runs a free service but you get a lot more if you pay for the Premium subscription. Here's our review.
Should I Buy Hotspot Shield?
Hotspot Shield is best known for its free VPN service, but the paid-for Premium version is a lot better. It’s US headquarters and logging policy may put you off, but if you want a supremely easy-to-use VPN for securing public Wi-Fi and browsing the web anonymously, it’s a fine choice.

Best PC Cleaner Software: Tune Up & Speed Up Windows

We take a look at six of the best tune-up tools for cleaning and speeding up Windows
Over time, Windows can get bogged down with various apps and the remains of installations, all of which can have quite a debilitating effect on their performance. There are various steps you can take to speed up your PC manually, but if you’d prefer to use dedicated software to do the job on your behalf then there are plenty of choices.

Ty Segall & Freedom Band - Deforming Lobes Music Album Reviews

Taken from a three-night stint in L.A. and recorded by Steve Albini, this live album disavows almost all the rules of the form.
On his 2018 tour de force, Freedom’s Goblin, Ty Segall provided us with a double-album highlight reel of every aesthetic the restless garage rocker has explored in his first decade as a solo artist, from light-speed hardcore to idyllic psychedelic-folk balladry to 12-minute fretboard-snapping jams. But in an interview conducted on the eve of the album’s release, Segall suggested the album represented the closing of a chapter. “I feel like I’ve barely even tapped anything,” he said, before revealing a desire to experiment with electronic production and make a hip-hop album. It remains to be seen whether Ty actually follows through on the transformation into MC Lil T. But if Segall is indeed laying his rocker id to rest for a while, Deforming Lobes is the blaze of glory in which it’s going out.

Various Artists - Cruising OST Music Album Reviews

The soundtrack for William Friedkin's controversial and problematic 1980 thriller features a stunning array of hardcore punk and hard funk, including rare songs by the Germs.
The music on the Cruising soundtrack would not have been found on the jukeboxes at the Mineshaft, the Anvil, Ramrod, or any of the other New York leather bars where much of William Friedkin’s 1980 thriller is set. In the liner notes for this elaborate vinyl reissue by Waxwork Records, the director notes that most nights these bars would have reverberated with pop and disco: “The music in the Mineshaft was the same in all the dance clubs, gay and straight: Disco—Donna Summer, Giorgio Moroder, the Delfonics, the Village People, KC and the Sunshine Band, the Jacksons, the Pointer Sisters. That is what was playing in the club scenes when we started filming in the summer of 1979 but I didn’t think it fit the mood of the film so I decided to replace it.”

Floating Points - Late Night Tales Music Album Reviews

The UK DJ and producer taps the depths of his record collection in a gorgeous, moody mix that runs through ambient, jazz, psych pop, and vintage soul.
Listeners consistently underwhelmed by streaming algorithms could do worse than to follow Sam Shepherd, better known as Floating Points. From his globetrotting show on NTS Radio and his roving You’re a Melody DJ nights to the hidden gems he lovingly reissues on his label Melodies International, Shepherd is an enthusiastic sharer of the delectable selections he unearths: rare gospel, soul, jazz, droney minimalism, tropicalismo, folk, and plenty of music that eludes easy identification.


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