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2020 Cadillac XT6 Review

LIKES Evolved stylingStandard automatic emergency brakingAvailable all-wheel driveSmart Sport suspension tuningSupple, supportive seatsDISLIKES Small third rowToo far from Escalade in looks?Lacks SuperCruise, at least for nowBUYING TIP The 2020 Cadillac XT6 makes more sense in Premium Luxury trim, but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t prefer the XT6 Sport’s handling.





Lenovo Foldable Patent Leaves Gadget Geeks Baffled

Foldable phones are the next big thing in the smartphone market scenario. A number of smartphone manufacturing companies are getting down at launching their own models of foldable devices and some of them look promising. The recent company to file a patent for a foldable phone is Lenovo. Considering the fact that the phone designs are getting stranger everyday, the latest patent filing has left the gadget enthusiasts baffled.

Lenovo has earlier shown some potential foldable phones due to the fact that the company owns Motorola that works on a bendy version of the classic Razr. Now the comoany has patented its own fold-up smartphone and it looks outrageous. The patent was discovered by a leading daily. It cannot be said if the users would like to have a little screen at the bottom that folds over in to the big screen.

However, Lenovo must have placed it for a reason and the patents are always lacking in information about how the phone would actually be used. It cannot also be said if it is the smartphone that the users were waiting for. A bendy hinge reminds of a woodlouse or a more kindly, Microsoft’s Surface Book. But like the Surface Book, it does not fold flat which can potentially drive people crazy.

The point is that the users have not been able to understand the actual design and what Lenovo’s intensions are. Google has also recently patented a similar design that also does not fold flat. May be Lenovo is planning to launch some genius design to impress the gadget enthusiasts.

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