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Nadia Tehran - Dozakh: All Lovers Hell Music Album Reviews

The debut album from the Iranian-Swedish artist offers a fascinatingly dark take on romantic love, filled with images of violence and devastation.
Dozakh: All Lovers Hell, the debut album from Iranian-Swedish artist Nadia Tehran, begins with a recording of her immigrant father, Ali Kardar, saying that he’s not afraid of death. He’s in the middle of describing a near-fatal experience during his time as a soldier in the Iran-Iraq war. “I wake up with unbelievable pain that isn’t just pain from my legs, it’s pain through my whole soul,” he recounts in Swedish. “I didn’t even realize that my leg was gone.” And with that harrowing image, Tehran sets up Dozakh, an album examining emotional purgatory and devastation in all its forms.





Nadia Tehran - Dozakh: All Lovers Hell Music Album Reviews

The debut album from the Iranian-Swedish artist offers a fascinatingly dark take on romantic love, filled with images of violence and devastation.
Dozakh: All Lovers Hell, the debut album from Iranian-Swedish artist Nadia Tehran, begins with a recording of her immigrant father, Ali Kardar, saying that he’s not afraid of death. He’s in the middle of describing a near-fatal experience during his time as a soldier in the Iran-Iraq war. “I wake up with unbelievable pain that isn’t just pain from my legs, it’s pain through my whole soul,” he recounts in Swedish. “I didn’t even realize that my leg was gone.” And with that harrowing image, Tehran sets up Dozakh, an album examining emotional purgatory and devastation in all its forms.

Creamy Chicken, Brussels Sprouts & Mushrooms One-Pot Pasta

You'll only have to dirty one pot in this easy pasta recipe that cooks chicken and vegetables right along with the noodles. Plus, by using the exact amount of water you need to cook the pasta, the starch that usually gets drained off with your pasta water stays in the pot, giving you delectably creamy results.
Nutrition Profile Egg FreeNut-FreeSoy-FreeDiabetic AppropriateHealthy AgingHealthy ImmunityHealthy PregnancyHeart HealthyIngredients 8 ounces whole-wheat linguine or spaghetti1 pound boneless, skinless chicken thighs4 cups sliced mushrooms2 cups sliced Brussels sprouts1 medium onion, chopped4 cloves garlic, thinly sliced2 tablespoons Boursin cheese The Laughing Cow Light French Onion Spreadable Cheese Wedges 0.75 Oz 8 pack $5.00 for 2 item Thru 07/08 1¼ teaspoons dried thyme¾ teaspoon dried rosemary¾ teaspoon salt4 cups water2 tablespoons chopped fresh chivesPreparation Prep - 35 m Ready In - 40 m Combine pasta, chicken, mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, onion, garlic, Boursin cheese, thym…

Aztec Nail Art

Today I'd like to show you a nail design, that I haven't done for quite some time, but actually I should be creating it far more often as I always end up loving it. I'm talking about a design that is usually referred to as tribal or aztec nails. It's quite popular, which is not surprising at all, because you can always create something different, original and right up your alley. Today I mixed beige and neon pink, and I hope you will enjoy this combination!

WhatsApp To Show Begin Showing Ads By 2020

Ad-free messaging will soon become a thing of past on one of the most popular messaging apps, WhatsApp. An announcement was made by the company during the Facebook Marketing Summit in the Netherlands. The announcement said that it will start screening advertisements on its applications in 2020.

Amazon Says No To Proposals For Climate Change And Facial Recognition

E-commerce giant Amazon on May 22, 2019 said that share holders at an annual general meeting in Seattle voted against the proposals that were related to two major social issues that were climate change and facial recognition technology. The proposals had come despite a pressure from the civil rights group, activist investors and its own employees.

OnePlus Rolls Out Upgrades For OnePlus 7 Pro Camera

OnePlus has become a popular smartphone brand in the market. The company had earlier said that it would soon rollout upgrades for the OnePlus 7 Pro camera. An updated version of the OxygenOS that mainly focused on getting better pictures out of the rear camera on the OnePlus Pro 7, particularly in low light, is out now.
The OxygenOS 9.5.4/9.5.5 releases has noted and specifically mentioned the Nightscape which is the low light mode on the phone and the HDR as areas that can see improvements once the patch has been applied. White balance and focus is also mentioned and is now said to be more reliable in many scenarios. The users can now get better shots more often with the new version of the OS on the flagship device.

The Spy Behind Home Plate Movie Review

Spy Ball
In 2018, the story of Moe Berg got the Hollywood treatment, as "The Catcher Was a Spy," starring Paul Rudd, hit movie screens. It was okay, but nothing more than that, and perhaps less. Now we've got a documentary of Mr. Berg from Aviva Kempner. Previously, Kempner brought us the critically acclaimed and multiple award winning documentary, "The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg".

Flying Lotus - Flamagra Music Album Reviews

On Steven Ellison’s sixth album, his sweeping jazz-funk feels limitless. It sounds more like a sketchbook with FlyLo crafting each minute with great care and technical dexterity.
You’re Dead! was such a momentous piece of work, and such an inflection point in Flying Lotus’ career, that his earlier albums can now sound conventional by comparison. They were original and daring, but remained planted in soil tilled by pioneers like Dilla and Madlib. You’re Dead! offered a different vision: ecstatic, shapeshifting, deeply collaborative, and with a remarkable ability to mask its making. Where most beat music foregrounds surfaces and processes—the fingerprints on the pads of the MPC, the dust in the grooves of the wax—the 2014 album flowed like magical liquid with no discernable source. Where beat music is grounded, You’re Dead! was pure vapor, a lungful of atoms returned swirling into the universe.

YG - 4REAL 4REAL Music Album Reviews

YG pays heartfelt tribute to the late Nipsey Hussle on his latest while still reserving plenty of vitriol for his favorite targets: broke dudes, snitches, broke dudes who also snitch.
In 2015, YG survived a shooting at a Los Angeles studio. His resulting paranoia birthed 2016’s belligerent Still Brazy, and the effects lingered through his last album, 2018’s chest-thumping Stay Dangerous. “I’m the man, bitch, I walk ‘round like I’m bulletproof,” he rapped, sounding like a man possessed. After surviving an attempt on his life, in what he believed to be a set up, his message was clear: He wasn’t going to be caught with his guard down again.

Mavis Staples - We Get By Music Album Reviews

The legendary singer has lost little expressiveness with age, but these songs are about the small, quiet spaces where she can catch her breath and steel her nerves.
Mavis Staples carves out a little space for herself on “Heavy on My Mind,” a time-stopping song on her fifth album of the 2010s. The mood is dark, the music spare: just a steely electric guitar, a distant tambourine that sounds like rattling chains, and Staples’ mighty voice. She’s mic’d so close you can hear the breath catch in her throat between words, subtle exhalations that reveal her sincerity as well as her age. She turns 80 this year, and she doesn’t mind showing her experience and wisdom. “Heavy on My Mind” grapples with the devastation of loss and the confusion that accompanies grief: “Sometimes I wish, sometimes I fall in the well,” she sighs. “We can wait out the storm or we can stand in the rain/Gonna have to mourn or hide from some pain.” It’s a remarkable vocal performance by an artist who specializes in them,…

Amyl and the Sniffers - Amyl and the Sniffers Music Album Reviews

The Aussie rockers’ unabashed fetishization of 1970s staples like punk, glam, and their country’s sharpie scene only helps fuel the invigorating rush of their music.
It’s entirely justified to find Amyl and the Sniffers annoying just on the basis that the Melbourne punk quartet romanticizes the dirtbag 1970s to a degree that’s cartoonish. Too young to have experienced Dookie firsthand, let alone Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols, Amyl and the Sniffers are blessed by the callous disregard of youth, adopting ratty mullets and tacky high-waisted jeans as gleefully as they swipe riffs from the Damned and the Stooges. The blatant rips are the point: Irked by dead-end jobs and digital chaos, they’re seeking refuge in the past.

Creamy Cavatelli Pasta with Braised Pork, Shishito Peppers & Basil

Mayonnaise adds great tang and texture to this easy pasta recipe—who knew? Black garlic, which is fermented, offers a sweeter, more mellow flavor than fresh. Find it at well-stocked supermarkets or substitute cloves of roasted garlic.

Neon Studs: Born Pretty Store Review

In today's post I prepared for you a nail art design that is super appropriate for spring and summer, because I decided for some neons, which I'm totally loving right now. I also wanted to show you these yellow neon studs from Born Pretty Store (on the website you can read that they are green, but according to me they are yellow). You definitely know that I'm in love with studs, however, so far I've only experimented with some silver and golden ones, so today's nail design is something quite new, not only for you guys, but also for me. I didn't want to apply these studs on all of my nails, so I decided for yet another neon accent, this time this gorgeous pink neon from Essie.

Asus ZenBook Pro Duo Review: Hands-on

Asus has supersized the Touch Bar on the ZenBook Pro Duo, which boasts a secondary 14in 4K display above the keyboard
Should I Buy The Asus ZenBook Pro Duo?
If you're a multi-monitor addict who's fed up of feeling constrained by your laptop's paltry single screen, then the Pro Duo could be pretty tempting - not least since it packs more than enough power for just about anything you'd care to throw at it.
On the other hand, if your typical multi-tasking is limited to a few browser tabs and a music app, there's really no need to put up with the compromises that the Pro Duo necessitates.

Bose Frames Review

There's isn't an earphone in sight with Bose's innovative sunglasses - but just how good are these wearables for enjoying your music with? Find out in our full review.
Should I Buy The Bose Frames?
If you're looking for sunglasses that'll prove a talking point this summer, then Bose's alternative to headphones will surprise you with their decent audio and smart connectivity.
They also look pretty darn stylish.

Google Nest Hub (Home Hub) vs Amazon Echo Show

We compare the second-generation Amazon Echo Show to Google's 7in Nest Hub smart display to find out which is best.
Should I Buy The Google Nest Hub?
Though the Amazon Echo Show has more impressive specs on paper, Google's Nest Hub could have the services to snatch the smart display crown from Amazon.

Asustor AS1004T Review

A four bay NAS drive at this price makes it worthy of note. The fact that that it’s quiet in operation, works well and has a decent range of apps to support it make it a bargain. Asustor AS1004T review.
Should I Buy The Asustor AS1004T?
We like the Asustor AS1004T for its ease of installation, it's relatively quiet operation in normal use and its decent performance. It isn't fast enough for hardware transcoding though, so you’ll need native support for all your files on all your client devices.
Where it trumps the completion is that it offers a four-bay chassis where some offer only two. If storage rather than performance is the priority then, it's a great choice and while the ADM interface isn't as accomplished looking as some of its rivals it's got the apps you'll likely need.

Megan Thee Stallion - Fever Music Album Reviews

Megan Thee Stallion’s debut is steeped in sex, pimpin, and power; it sounds like a once and future Houston rap classic.
When Megan Thee Stallion’s “Big Ole Freak” landed on Billboard’s Hot 100 in April, it was a testament to years of viral freestyles and her devoted “hotties,” whose faithful support on social media helped the song rise to mainstream recognition. The 24-year-old has been prolific—her evolution is displayed through the invention of various rap personas, such as Tina Snow, Megan Thee Stallion, and Hot Girl Meg, the turn-up queen with serious ambition on her mind. “We have so many legends and so many greats,” she recently said of her hometown of Houston, Texas. “But I don’t feel like we ever really had a female rapper from Houston or Texas shut that shit down.” With her debut project Fever, she hopes to succeed in doing just that.

Caterina Barbieri - Ecstatic Computation Music Album Reviews

The Italian synthesizer composer explores new dimensions of her algorithmic, arpeggiated sound, playing with tempo, duration, and pacing to toy with listeners’ sense of perception.
Caterina Barbieri uses music to bend time and space around her. The Italian-born, Berlin-based electronic composer’s 2017 breakthrough, Patterns of Consciousness, utilized whirling synth oscillations over marathon run times to create something akin to a dreamachine for the ears. Like the device conceived by Brion Gysin and William S. Burroughs to create hallucinatory visuals with alpha-wave-inducing flickers of light, Barbieri’s cumulatively building patterns made each track a mind-altering journey. She didn’t so much reach mesmerizing climaxes as induce them right in the listener’s brain. Last year’s Born Again in the Voltage scrambled her musical timeline even further: Functioning as a single, fluid piece, the album sounded like an evolution, but it had actually been recorded in 2014. With Ecstatic Computa…

Dâm-Funk - STFU II EP Music Album Reviews

Picking up where his DJ-Kicks mix left off, the L.A. funk auteur’s newest release explores peace and love through body-rock.
The neon music that soundtracked the late-aughts Los Angeles club scene has become a global force. But while luminaries like Flying Lotus and Thundercat are recognized for influencing rap and jazz, the maestro of the Funkmosphere party in Venice, Damon Riddick, gets less credit for bringing the synthesized sounds of the late ’70s and ’80s back to popular music. Years before Daft Punk made “Moroder,” Dâm-Funk was spinning tributes to the Troutman family, helping to make Afrofuturism the future once again.

Josephine Wiggs - We Fall Music Album Reviews

On her debut solo album, the Breeders’ original bassist blends her signature instrument with minimalist electronics and rippling pools of piano, Mellotron, and acoustic guitar.
It’s tempting to credit Josephine Wiggs for the Breeders’ breakthrough moment. With her iconic opening bass slide in “Cannonball,” Wiggs helped define not just one of the best songs of the ’90s, but the power of simple melodies for aspiring bassists everywhere. As the band’s original bassist, Wiggs was something of a secret weapon, imbuing records like Last Splash and All Nerve with her trademark honeyed gloom. It’s a style she’s maintained throughout her career, whether playing with influential British indie rock band the Perfect Disaster, downtempo duo Dusty Trails, or lo-fi experimental trio Ladies Who Lunch. Now she tries her hand at establishing this mood on her own. On her debut solo album, We Fall, Wiggs slows down and filters this brooding aura through the lens of minimalism and electronics, with a keen …

Red Wine-Braised Pork

This basic braised pork shoulder recipe is a great foundation for all sorts of meals. Try it in our creamy cavatelli pasta (see Associated Recipes), stuffed into a sandwich with provolone and peppers or on top of a pizza.

Holographic Nail Polish: Born Pretty Store Review

Today I'd like to show you a holographic nail polish from Born Pretty Store. I think this is the first holographic nail polish in my collection, and to be honest it was the only colour i truly liked and wanted to have. I adore the holographic effect, but only when it has a silver base, as in case of this particular nail polish. I definitely loved the final effect, and the fact that I wore this nail polish for 5 days can confirm it. What is more it didn't chip or anything like that, maybe the top coat contributed to it and I think you all know that I can't live without a good top coat.

Is Google Home Listening To Me?

Is your Google Home smart speaker really listening to everything you say? We look into what this means, along with how to turn off Google recording you, and how to delete those voice-command recordings.
In 2017, tech journalist Artem Russakovskii received a Google Home Mini to review before its launch. He soon discovered it was recording him 24/7, without the “OK Google” hotword – and those recording were getting uploaded directly to Google’s cloud servers.

Honor 20 Pro Review

Honor's most ambitious phone yet, the 20 Pro packs quad cameras onto the rear and a 32Mp selfie camera in a tiny punch-hole in the screen. We put this top-of-the-range contender through its paces.
Should I Buy The Honor 20 Pro?
The Honor 20 Pro goes all out on cameras, and it's a great choice if you love taking selfies in particular. We don't yet know the UK price (it's 599 €), but it should undercut the Huawei P30 and OnePlus 7 Pro, making it decent value.

How To Set Up Video News Broadcasts on Google Nest Hub

The whole point of Google's smart display is that it can show as well as tell. Here's how to set up video news broadcasts on Google Nest Hub.
As instructed during the Google Home Hub (now rebranded Google Nest Hub) setup process, say "Okay Google, Good morning" and you'll get a recap of any appointments you have in the day ahead, a rundown of the weather forecast and an estimate of how long it's going to take you to get to work, finishing up with a round-up of the day's news.

QNAP TS 251A Review

An extremely well featured NAS drive, with direct USB backup access, an HDMI out for connecting to a TV with a remote. QNAP TS 251A review.
Should I Buy The QNAP TS 251A?
The QNAP is an undoubtedly impressive NAS drive. There’s plenty of power for virtually all tasks, and H.265 aside it will handle anything you throw at it. The range of apps is very comprehensive and the interface is excellent. The downside is the lack of support for MKV from its native app, which will mean having to pay for Plex to play files on mobile devices. The unit was also noisier than we would have liked in operation and while it’s good value - it’s not cheap. If you’re willing to stretch to paying this much for a diskless system, the QNAP TS-251A is the best featured NAS drive at the price.

DJ Khaled - Father of Asahd Music Album Reviews

DJ Khaled has ranged from summertime hitmaker to self-help guru, but neither are all that interesting on his latest guest-filled album. There are plenty of voices but no clear message or intention.
The creep of positivity culture has been steady and relentless. It has become a dominant modality of Instagram influence and global culture ever since the publication of Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret and among its most ardent benefactors (and beneficiaries) is DJ Khaled. For years, he has blended be-your-best-self mantras with middling music to great fame and, presumably, growing wealth; he even published a book detailing his “keys to success.” In the Snapchat era, Khaled’s vague, emphatic preaching made him an intriguing public figure beyond music. But unfortunately, as in the arena of emotional development, shouting aphorisms does little to prompt significant artistic growth.

Interpol - A Fine Mess EP Music Album Reviews

Culled from last year’s Marauder sessions with Dave Fridmann, there’s still a sense that the production actively tries to disrupt what Interpol does well.
Interpol’s brilliance comes in sparks these days. Every album after 2007’s Our Love to Admire, when they stopped being a fascination of indie culture writ large, does have a couple of straightforward thrillers on them. Even their self-titled record’s “Barricade” might stick if you let it. “The Rover” was fine, too, although the album it was on, last year’s Marauder—a loose concept album about saying goodbye to the band’s heyday in the early aughts—was less so.

Injury Reserve - Injury Reserve Music Album Reviews

The oddball Phoenix rap trio traffic in wild, boundary-pushing production and playfully anarchic bars.
The oddball Phoenix trio Injury Reserve seem more like a random selection of three customers at a Zumiez store than a rap group. Their true origin story isn’t that far off: rapper Ritchie With a T moved to the city with his mom so she could launch a Vans store there, and that’s where he met Stepa J. Groggs, who was an employee. Their imaginative 23-year-old producer Parker Corey, a swim-team captain who only got into beat-making when an injury kept him from competing, is so green that Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is the first rap album he ever listened to in full. A tinkerer without limits, he’s sampled everything from K-pop idol group f(x) to bebop trailblazer Donald Byrd. Without a rap scene in Phoenix, they played house parties with punk bands, and their debut album is an attempt to make something uniquely modern of all this incongruity.

Operators - Radiant Dawn Music Album Reviews

Crosswiring ’80s-Springsteen valor with contemporaneous synth pop, the second album from Dan Boeckner’s disco power trio channels the crushing fear of imminent collapse.
Everything and nothing about Dan Boeckner’s career has changed in the past 15 years. Though he’s best known as the wiry yin to Spencer Krug’s whimsical yang in Montreal indie-rock institution Wolf Parade, Boeckner’s extracurricular activities have taken him further and further from that band’s blue-collar prog, through the skeletal electro-punk of Handsome Furs and, now, the strobe-lit DIY disco of Operators. And yet when he takes to the mic, he’s still very much the same guy we first met on Wolf Parade’s Apologies to the Queen Mary—the bleary-eyed, raspy-voiced underdog with no love for the modern world. His second album with Operators makes it immediately apparent that, this time, Boeckner’s got far greater stressors on his mind than a boring job.

Hawaiian Cheesecake Bars

Hawaiian Cheesecake Bars are a classic tropical treat that is sure to become a family favorite. The shortbread crust is covered by a thick layer pineapple cheesecake then crowned with a buttery coconut topping. I’m in love!

Border Nail Art

In today's post I'd like to show you how i mixed border nails and silver 3 mm studs from Born Pretty Store. I believe that you are quite familiar with my love for studs, so I'm guessing you shouldn't be surprised that it's one of my favourite products from this store😊

Synology DS418j Review

A review of the DiskStation DS418j, a four-bay NAS drive that's faster and better specified than its predecessor for the same money.
Should I Buy The Synology DiskStation DS418j?
Synology wants to repeat the success of the DS416j without treading on the toes of other products in the range. For almost the same price the DS418j offers more CPU performance, RAM, more USB 3.0 ports, larger drives and volume sizes.

How To Set Up Parental Controls On Netflix

Now you have much better control over what your kids watch on Netflix thanks to PIN protection for specific TV shows and films.
Netflix has always allowed you to create user profiles, which is a boon not simply so you can stop your kids watching content aimed at adults. It also means that it keeps what you watch separate from what they watch, so Peppa Pig and PAW Patrol don't end up on your 'Continue watching' list.

Huawei MateBook 14 Review

The MateBook 14 is one of Huawei's new laptops for 2019 and is the perfect all-rounder. Find out why in our full review.
Should I Buy The Huawei MateBook 14?
The MateBook 14 might be a slightly chunkier and heavier version of the flagship X Pro, but the weight is a small price to pay considering that this laptop is a much cheaper option.
What you lose (or gain, really) in weight, is made up for by additional ports, better performance and longer battery life. You only really need to pass on this if Thunderbolt is an absolute must.

Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter Review

We test Xiaomi's electric scooter, which will keep the big kids entertained for hours. It's now officially available in the UK, too, which makes it even more appealing.
Should I Buy The Xiaomi Electric Scooter?
The Xiaomi Electric Scooter is expensive and not allowed on UK roads out the box, but if you have somewhere to take it this toy is an awful lot of fun. It's fast, smooth and almost entirely silent, with a battery that just keeps on going and decent brakes that stop you quickly but safely. This scooter is best reserved for the big kids, but that's no bad thing.

Slowthai - Nothing Great About Britain Music Album Reviews

The Bajan-British rapper’s debut tackles the UK’s pressing crises—a looming Brexit, class hostility, widening poverty—with great jokes and writerly candor.
The release of slowthai’s debut album, originally planned to coincide with Britain’s exit from the European Union, did not go exactly to plan. A familiar story: lazy management, a PR disaster, and industry pushback prompted a rethink of the release schedule. And since Brexit was delayed, slowthai let the album breathe, too.

M. Geddes Gengras - I Am the Last of That Green and Warm-Hued World Music Album Reviews

Within an album that often sounds like an alien world, small moments of familiarity become breadcrumbs leading to a shared musicology.
Stephen King’s The Gunslinger, the first in his Dark Tower series, is a collection of novellas connected by a shared protagonist, Roland Deschain, and a common setting, a post-apocalyptic American desert. Some of the book’s most striking passages draw on mundane connections to a shared past. In an arid landscape abandoned by society, superficial marks of human life—“The Rain in Spain,” Oreo cookies, “Beans, beans, the magical fruit”—take on almost religious connotations. The mind, King seems to suggest, is desperate to grasp onto the familiar.

DJ Seinfeld - Galazy EP Music Album Reviews

On the first release on his new label Young Ethics, the Swedish producer steps outside his hazy comfort zone.
DJ Seinfeld is something of an enigma: the accidental spokesperson for an internet micro-genre he largely disavowed, a producer whose silly moniker is at odds with the earnestness of his music. Galazy strips away some of the mystery. It is Jakobsson’s first release on his own record label, Young Ethics, an imprint whose name comes, he says, from “uncertain moments [that] stem from the maturity (or lack thereof) of the industry.” This quest for clarity seems to have trickled down into the music itself. Gone are the hazy textures of his 2017 full-length debut, Time Spent Away From U, and the tortured bassline exercises of last year’s Sakura EP. This is a newly focused Jakobsson, one in search of a sturdier sonic identity that might hold a better shot at standing the test of time.

Haviah Mighty - 13th Floor Music Album Reviews

With hard-nosed bars and ominous beats, the Canadian rapper’s debut is her most cohesive and narratively ambitious project to date.
Midway through “In Women Colour,” the defiant empowerment anthem that kicks off Haviah Mighty’s debut album 13th Floor, the Brampton-via-Toronto rapper vividly recounts an experience with a high school bully on the basketball court. She confronts an antagonist who’s thrown the ball out of her reach, only to find herself in a chokehold, beaten up for being a tomboy. “It’s just my struggle with the power divide,” Haviah reflects over distorted synths and peals of electric guitar. She gets the last laugh, but not before laying out the challenges she’s faced as a rapper because of her gender and skin color in unapologetic detail.

Cauliflower Steaks with Chimichurri

In this stunning, healthy cauliflower recipe, a head of cauliflower is cut into thick slabs then roasted until caramelized and served with chimichurri, a garlic-herb sauce. The cauliflower steaks make a fine accompaniment to actual steaks, or better still, serve them on their own as a vegetarian alternative to steak. Each head of cauliflower will provide 2 to 3 steaks from the center—the sides tend to crumble. For a truly show-stopping presentation, use the center portion of 2 heads and save the rest of the cauliflower for another recipe that calls for cauliflower florets.

Cheetah Print Nail Art

Today's design is inspired by Emma from Boom Nails, whose nail designs are incredible and who is one of my ultimate favourites! As you can see I have on my nails gradient and leopard print, however it's a bit different than the one I usually present. How do you like it?

Motorola One Vision Review

Here's our review of Motorola's mid-range Motorola One Vision, a device that boasts a 6.3in display and a whopping 48Mp camera
Should I Buy The Motorola One Vision? Motorola has proven itself to make excellent phones at affordable prices and the One Vision appears to be no exception.
This is a gorgeous device with some specs and features you wouldn't expect for under £300 including a decent screen and a 48Mp camera.

How To Set Up Parental Controls On An Amazon Fire Tablet

Here’s how to use the built-in parental controls to make any Fire tablet child friendly, and it doesn’t have to be a special Kids Edition model.
Amazon has included excellent parental controls in its Fire tablets. It’s one of the reasons we recommend them so highly as kids’ tablets.
Here we’ll explain how to set up kids profiles, restrict the content they can use and also set time limits for when they can use their tablet.

Xiaomi M365 Pro Review

With more power and an enormous battery, this electric scooter can take you further than most. Here's our Xiaomi M365 Pro review.
Should I Buy The Xiaomi M365 Pro?
Improvements over the original include a bigger battery, better motor and a new display. But these come at a much higher price, and more bulk and weight. It's still a great buy, but you might find the original is better value, especially if you don't weigh too much.

Asus ZenFone 6 Review

Has Asus cracked the bezel-less design with the ZenFone 6? We think so - read our review and find out why.
Should I Buy The Asus ZenFone 6?
The ZenFone 6 is a phenomenal smartphone, offering an innovative Flip Camera system that not only provides high-end front- and rear-facing cameras, but allows for a full-screen display free of hole-punch cameras or notches. Combine that with high-end internals and all-day battery life, and you've got a great, all-round smartphone. 

Tyler, the Creator - IGOR Music Album Reviews

Tyler, the Creator’s sixth album is impressionistic and emotionally charged, the result of an auteur refining his style and bearing more of his soul than ever before.
The moods of Tyler, the Creator’s albums have largely been defined by absence—of his father, of critical acclaim, of love. He responded to what was missing with antagonism, album after album, until 2017 when he looked back at his life with a sunny lens and twinge of nostalgia to deliver his best work, Flower Boy. That Grammy-nominated album is eminently pleasing, the sound of an iconoclast succumbing to his better judgment. IGOR, the 28-year-old’s sixth full-length, is Tyler finally content in the face of all that agony.

Various Artists - Pacific Breeze: Japanese City Pop, AOR & Boogie 1976-1986 Music Album Reviews

The compilation of extra smooth, funky, and sometimes very odd songs from the heydey of Japan’s technological boom is a broad yet nuanced introduction to the genre of city pop.
Outside of YouTube recommendations and subreddit threads, the most common way for American listeners to discover the loosely defined Japanese genre known as city pop has remained oddly old school: through a pilgrimage to a Japanese record store. In Japan, where the CD still reigns, the Tower Records listening station is alive and well—and nudging visiting Westerners toward city pop classics from the late 1970s and early ’80s, like Tatsuro Yamashita’s For You, Eiichi Ohtaki’s A Long Vacation, Mariya Takeuchi’s Variety, and Taeko Ohnuki’s Sunshower. Though largely sung in Japanese, city pop pulls from many different types of “smooth” American music during that era—from AOR and yacht rock to boogie and jazz fusion—and unites them through meticulous playing and a near-obsessive production sheen. To fall in love with…

Olden Yolk - Living Theatre Music Album Reviews

The Brooklyn group’s second album frames heavy questions in lovely, deceptively serene psych rock.
Over half a century ago, the French theorist and actor Antonin Artaud wrote a book called The Theatre and Its Double. The book posited that great theater is a form of exorcism, and the stage is a space where spectators directly confront their fears and desires. This way of thinking about performance became the basis for an influential experimental-theater movement born in the streets of mid-century downtown New York called the Living Theatre, which also happens to be the title of the equally heady sophomore album from a Brooklyn-based group called Olden Yolk.


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