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Nadia Tehran - Dozakh: All Lovers Hell Music Album Reviews

The debut album from the Iranian-Swedish artist offers a fascinatingly dark take on romantic love, filled with images of violence and devastation.
Dozakh: All Lovers Hell, the debut album from Iranian-Swedish artist Nadia Tehran, begins with a recording of her immigrant father, Ali Kardar, saying that he’s not afraid of death. He’s in the middle of describing a near-fatal experience during his time as a soldier in the Iran-Iraq war. “I wake up with unbelievable pain that isn’t just pain from my legs, it’s pain through my whole soul,” he recounts in Swedish. “I didn’t even realize that my leg was gone.” And with that harrowing image, Tehran sets up Dozakh, an album examining emotional purgatory and devastation in all its forms.





N26 launches the new N26 Black card

The bank, popular with the digital generation, has unveiled its new N26 Black Mastercard.

N26, a bank popular among the digital generation, has unveiled its brand new N26 Black Mastercard. Since its inception in 2015, N26 has expanded enormously and now boasts over 2.5 million customers located across 24 EU countries.

The N26 Black Mastercard was made with digital nomads in mind. The fee-free transactions offered by this card cater to the needs of frequent travellers. Customers have the ability to shop, eat and explore without incurring unnecessary costs simply for using their card abroad.

Unlike other banks, the N26 Black Mastercard gives globetrotters the freedom to spend whilst they travel without expensive percentage fee charges on foreign currency ATM withdrawals. N26 boasts Mastercard’s best exchange rates regardless of the country or local currency.

Customers have full control over all foreign transactions and the ability to see their total balance in pounds while travelling. As the bank doesn’t take any foreign transaction fees or exchange rate fees, customers only ever pay for their chosen purchase.

Alongside the main account, the N26 Black Mastercard comes with up to 10 sub-accounts. This provides customers with extra space to organise money and reach any potential saving targets.

Known for its excellent online and mobile banking service, N26 gives customers the tools to take control of their own finances, change their PIN numbers, set payment limits and lock and unlock their cards in real-time from within the app. Whilst spending abroad, there’s no need for customers to inform N26 as they have the choice to disable or enable payments when abroad directly in the app.

In addition to the app, the N26 Black Mastercard also harnesses Apple Pay, which gives customers the choice to pay in store, online and in apps by simply using their mobile phone.

Whether you are a frequent traveller or you simply want to benefit from fee-free transactions, you could register and open an N26 Black Mastercard account with an N26 offer from the Tech Advisor online store.

Alternatively, you could discover a range of other options and payment plans, enjoy the best mobile banking rates with the help of an N26 promotion from Tech Advisor.

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