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Holographic Nail Polish: Born Pretty Store Review

Today I'd like to show you a holographic nail polish from Born Pretty Store. I think this is the first holographic nail polish in my collection, and to be honest it was the only colour i truly liked and wanted to have. I adore the holographic effect, but only when it has a silver base, as in case of this particular nail polish. I definitely loved the final effect, and the fact that I wore this nail polish for 5 days can confirm it. What is more it didn't chip or anything like that, maybe the top coat contributed to it and I think you all know that I can't live without a good top coat.





Xiaomi confirms Mi 9T With New Design Is Launching 12 June

The Mi 9T looks to ditch the notch, bump the specs and add a headphone jack. What's more, it launches next week.

Xiaomi has teased the Mi 9T, now confirmed to launch on 12 June, as an incremental upgrade to the Mi 9 that arrived in March 2019. The 9T promises specs and design changes, with promo photos appearing to show a screen without a notch.

It’s likely that the Mi 9T shares similarities to the Redmi K20 Pro that Xiaomi just launched in China, and benchmark results suggest it may even be a rebranded version of the same phone. With that phone likely to stay exclusive to eastern markets, the 9T will likely come to the UK and Europe with the rest of the Xiaomi range.

The absence of a notch is pretty much confirmed by Xiaomi’s use of the hashtag #PopUpInStyle on its official Twitter page, implying the 9T will indeed have the pop-up selfie camera of the Redmi K20 Pro.

Much like OnePlus is known to do, Xiaomi updating its flagship phone with a ‘T’ version probably means some cosmetic but not internal updates. The Mi 9T is likely to retain the Snapdragon 855 (there is no better Qualcomm mobile processor as of June 2019), 6/8GB RAM and, as the photos confirm, triple cameras on the back.

Those cameras may get a slight update, perhaps in the megapixel count, with the pop-up selfie camera added for good measure. 

Otherwise we’ll have to wait for full details on the phone. Hopefully the 3300mAh battery of the regular Mi 9 will get a bump up to the 4000mAh of the K20 Pro, and Xiaomi has already confimed it will add a headphone jack that the Mi 9 lacked.

For now, it’s yet another incremental update to a phone that has not been out for long, and will no doubt annoy anyone who has just bought a Mi 9 if it does indeed improve the specs.

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