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2020 MINI Cooper Countryman Review

2020 MINI Cooper Countryman Review LIKES Attractive stylingPremium qualityRoom for passengers and cargoActive safety now standardMore powerful JCWDISLIKES Gets very expensive, very fastOvermatched base engineStrange packaging decisionsPlug-in hybrid range still lackingBUYING TIP With active safety features and LED headlights now standard for 2020, spend as little on a well-equipped Countryman Cooper S as possible.



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Avengers: Endgame (2019) Sinhala Subtitle

Synopsis After the devastating events of Avengers: Infinity War (2018), the universe is in ruins due to the efforts of the Mad Titan, Thanos. With the help of remaining allies, the Avengers must assemble once more in order to undo Thanos's actions and undo the chaos to the universe, no matter what consequences may be in store, and no matter who they face...

No-Bake Hawaiian Dream Cups

No-Bake Hawaiian Dream Cups are a deliciously flavorful pineapple coconut dessert that is perfect to make ahead for your next family dinner. You’ll be delighted by the flavors and textures in every single layer.

Google Investigating Leaks Of Smart Speaker Recordings

Search engine giant Google is investigating in to the latest controversy of how 1,000 conversations recorded by one of its smart speakers were leaked. The recordings were exposed by Belgian broadcaster VRT that were made by Google Home devices in Belgium and the Netherlands. Google informed that the recordings came from one of the human reviewers who helps to refine the linguistic abilities of Home.

Apple Could Drop The Notch For iPhone 12

The newest iPhones have some of the most distinctive features that include the top notch that have the camera and upper speaker. The iPhone X as well as the iPhone XS have it. However, there are many other modern smartphones that have come up with more modern solutions or make use of smaller notches. But now it looks like the iPhone 12 will drop the feature.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Review

The Amazon Fire HD 10 is a 10 inch tablet that lets you use Alexa hands-free, even if it's locked. Here's our review.
Should I Buy The Amazon Fire HD 10 (2017)?
The HD 10 is more powerful than ever, has a decent Full HD screen and a good amount of storage for the money. Hands-free Alexa is a nice addition, too.
If you can live with the slightly limited selection of apps compared to an Android tablet, it’s a good deal.

HBO Max Release Date, Price, Shows & UK launch

Here's what to expect from HBO's upcoming (and third!) streaming service, HBO Max, including when it's launching, how much it'll cost, and what you'll be able to watch on it
HBO has announced that it will soon have a third streaming service - to sit alongside HBO Now and HBO Go - called HBO Max, which it no doubt hopes will rival the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime.
HBO Max hasn't launched yet, but here's what we know so far about what to expect.

Mort Garson - Mother Earth’s Plantasia Music Album Reviews

This Moog synth album from 1976 was meant to help houseplants grow. Jurys out on that, but it became a cult classic nonetheless.
The Moog changed Mort Garson’s life. Until the moment in 1967 when he attended a demonstration by the synthesizer’s inventor, he had been carving out a respectable niche for himself in the pop world, working with the likes of Brenda Lee, Cliff Richard, and Doris Day, although he might be best known for arranging strings for Glen Campbell. Once he discovered the Moog, however, Garson devoted the rest of his career to composing on the modular synth, which seems to have freed something up in him. He stopped thinking in terms of pop songs and began writing album-length compositions, like Black Mass (about the occult), The Zodiac: Cosmic Sounds (about the signs of the Zodiac), and Music for Sensuous Lovers (about… you know). Because his compositions remain open to experimentation and wonder, because Garson was a master of mood and variation, these odd, endearing a…

Pineapple Coconut Sweet Rolls

Pineapple Coconut Sweet Rolls are a flavorful breakfast that starts with a package of King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls. They are filled with pineapple coconut filling and crowned with a buttery sweet coconut and macadamia nut topping. The first bite will transport you back to the islands.

iLife Shinebot W400 Review

Robot vacuums are quickly becoming commonplace, so it was only a matter of time before we'd be automating the mopping too. The W400 from iLife is a shining example of how much easier your chores could be.
Should I Buy The iLife Shinebot W400?
A luxury item that takes us one step closer to the fully automated home, the Shinebot W400 iLife can support a robot vacuum with automated mopping of your hard floors.
Performance is very good, even without being able to add disinfectant or bleaching agents, and the W400 can comfortably clean around 50 square metres from a single charge. It leaves flat floors almost entirely dry, collecting the dirty water as it passes over an area.
Though it's not an entirely set-and-forget solution, the iLife Shinebot W400 is certainly a handy gadget to have around - if you can afford it.

Authorities In Jordan Ban PUBG

Online multiplayer battle game PlayersUnknown’s Battlegrounds also known as PUBG has been banned in Jordan on July 6, 2019 due to negative effects on the kingdom’s citizens. The game is based on the book and film series The Hunger Games and it pits the marooned characters against each other in a virtual fight to death. PUBG has become world’s most popular mobile games.

Microsoft Xbox One S vs Microsoft Xbox One S All-Digital

As Microsoft's latest console waves goodbye to the optical drive, we compare the offerings of the Xbox One S and All-Digital
Should I Buy The Microsoft Xbox One S Or Microsoft Xbox One S All-Digital?
The Xbox One S All-Digital sounds great on the surface – who doesn’t want a cheaper Xbox? But cutting the disc drive could prove more costly in the long-term, and it's currently cheaper to buy the upgraded Xbox One S in the UK and US right now.
That may change in future, but right now, the Xbox One S is the champion.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 Review

Ultimate Ears has improved the design, battery life and sound quality of its pint-sized Bluetooth speaker. Here's our Wonderboom 2 review.
Should I Buy The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2?
As long as the price isn't too high for you, there's almost nothing to dislike about the Wonderboom 2.
Ultimate Ears has taken its pocket rocket and made it even better with a more useful design, longer battery life and an Outdoor Boost mode. You might only be annoyed at the lack of an aux input.

Bedouine - Bird Songs of a Killjoy Music Album Reviews

Azniv Korkejian’s folk music boasts a surreal calm and a lived-in glow that masks turmoil just outside the frame.
The folk music Azniv Korkejian makes as Bedouine has a beckoning quality, a distance that masks the emotion brewing just beneath the surface. Her lyrics are circular and understated; on her second album, Birdsongs of a Killjoy, it often takes a few listens for the wistfulness of lines like, “I love you/You love how much I love you” to sink in. Her music is largely free from temporality—it could have just as easily been made in the 1970s as today.

Hawaiian Chicken

Hawaiian Chicken is a fantastic weeknight meal that is full of sweet ‘n sour flavor. The chicken, peppers and pineapples are cooked in a thick and tangy sauce that will make you say mahalo.

PC Specialist Vulcan S2 Review

The Vulcan S2 deploys an RTX 2070 to offer more gaming power than its rivals at a lower price. Find out more about this PC Specialist gaming machine in our full review.
Should I Buy The PC Specialist Vulcan S2? This PC Specialist system deploys an RTX 2070 to offer rival-beating gaming performance at 1080p and 1440p – and it’ll handle VR headsets and high refresh-rate screens, too.
Elsewhere, the Core i7 CPU is reliably quick, the rest of the components are fine, and the case is compact and smart. It’s not the best for upgrades, but this rig is impressively quick and affordable.

2020 Buick Encore Review

Perky looksRight-size for cityClean interior designGood infotainmentDISLIKES
Quite slowLack of safety featuresStarting to feel too oldCan be priceyBUYING TIP In our eyes, the best Buick Encore is one with few options.

Creative Nuno Review

The Creative Nuno brings style, affordability and portability to a Bluetooth speaker - but it lacks the finesse and punch of others in its price category - read our review to see how it compares to other budget Bluetooth speakers.
Should I Buy The Creative Nuno?
The Creative Nuno is a lightweight, stylish and reasonably priced Bluetooth speaker. It does a good job at reproducing accurate tones, but does lack finesse in its low and high-tone frequencies.

Realme 3 Pro Review

We have tested the Realme 3 Pro, a budget phone with great specs for an insane price. Here’s our full review.
Should I Buy The Realme 3 Pro?
If you're looking for a mid-range smartphone with decent specs for a great price, the Realme 3 Pro is for you.
For £175 you get a phone with a good screen, much more than decent performance, acceptable cameras, an attractive design and a powerful battery.
You'll have to give up an AMOLED screen, USB-C and premium build, but for the price it doesn’t matter.

Various Artists - BTS World: Original Soundtrack Music Album Reviews

The soundtrack to the superstar boy band’s mobile app game is the most inessential BTS-affiliated project to date.
Early in the decade, Akon, Snoop Dogg, and Kanye West all featured on woefully misguided K-pop songs, emblematic of how K-pop collaborations with Western artists weren’t always well thought through. There’s been marked improvement in the past couple years, and BTS have been crucial in making these cross-continental pairings—like their songs with Steve Aoki, Nicki Minaj, and Halsey—feel more sensible. Ahead of BTS WORLD, the group released a new collaboration every week. Those tracks are the most noteworthy ones here by a considerable margin.

Easy Hawaiian Dip

Hawaiian Dip is savory dip full of flavors of the islands. You can’t go wrong with this tropical flavor combination! It will be a wonderful addition to your next Hawaiian party or Luau.

Hidden24 Review

Hidden24's app-less VPN isn't for everyone, but it works reliably and is compatible with most devices. There are a few drawbacks, but it does unblock Netflix and iPlayer.
Should I Buy Hidden24?
Hidden24 does what it does pretty well. The service, at its core, works reliably and for the most part speedily. It also allows you to unblock streaming services such as Netflix US and BBC iPlayer from abroad. It's good for tech-savvy users who are happy to set up VPN connections manually and won't miss the extra features - such as a kill switch - that you get with other services.

Amazon Echo Show 5 Review

The Echo Show 5 is similar to the 10in Echo Show, but in a smaller format and with a much lower price. Here's our review...
Should I Buy The Amazon Echo Show 5?
The Echo Show 5 is a great-value smart home display. Whether it's the best choice for you will depend on the smart home gadgets you have, and why you want a smart display in the first place. It isn't the best Echo for listening to music, but as a smart bedside clock / alarm, it's excellent.

Creative Muvo Play Review

Looking for a cheap Bluetooth speaker that packs a punch? Find out why the Muvo Play is a good choice in our full review.
Should I Buy The Creative Muvo Play?
There's little to dislike about the Muvo Play which provides what most people will be looking for in a cheap Bluetooth speaker.
It's compact, easy to use, has waterproofing and sounds pretty decent. You can also do things like pair two together if you wish

Kano And Microsoft To Sell Build-Your-Own Windows Laptop

Microsoft and Raspberry Pi kit maker Kano to sell build-your-own Windows PC
Kano, best-known for its Raspberry Pi computer kits, has teamed up with Microsoft to launch a build-your-own Windows computer for creative learning:  the Kano PC.
Designed for education, the 11.6in touch-enabled, Intel Atom-powered tablet/laptop hybrid comes with a suite of easy-to-learn creative and coding tools.
Users follow a step-by-step storybook to connect the replaceable parts. LEDs on the printed circuit board light up as it is being built.

J Balvin/Bad Bunny - OASIS Music Album Reviews

The two urbano superstars bro down over trap and dembow beats on a goofy but incredibly fun summertime album.
As Alejandro “Sky” Ramirez wrote J Balvin’s verse on “Un Peso”—a standout on his new collaborative album with Puerto Rico’s Bad Bunny—the Colombian musician recalled an old song from the Argentinian rock band Los Enanitos Verdes that his family used to drink and party to back in his hometown of Medellín. Their 1994 hit “Lamento Boliviano” was drenched in self-medication and singer/bassist Marciano Cantero’s romantic pathos offered the kind of lyrics that get screamed back at you when sung to packed stadiums: “Y yo estoy aquí, borracho y loco (And here I am, drunk and crazy)/Y mi corazón idiota, siempre brillará” (And my idiot heart, always shining). For J Balvin, Sky flipped part of the original hook to turn Balvin from the heartbroken to the heartbreaker: “Y tu corazón idiota siempre me extrañará” (“And your idiot heart will always miss me”). Over the course of a single day, w…

Mega Bog - Dolphine Music Album Reviews

Erin Birgy’s fifth album feels like the heartfelt expression of a uniquely weird viewpoint. It flits from groovy jazz to psych-pop to sylvan folk with freaky glee.
“Never smother the mystical song that rests deep inside you,” Erin Birgy murmurs midway through Dolphine, her fifth record as Mega Bog. Since adopting the moniker 10 years ago, the Los Angeles-based musician has lived out this sagely maxim. Her music overflows with images of hidden scorpions, blue salamanders, writhing snakes, and a flesh-eating troll. Despite its inscrutability, Dolphine feels genuine—the heartfelt expression of a uniquely weird viewpoint.

Kim Petras - Clarity Music Album Reviews

The pop star’s debut is decadent and deeply silly, with songs delivered by the kind of person who uses even the slightest bit of emotional turmoil as an excuse to immerse herself in sex, drugs, and money.
Kim Petras isn’t a revolutionary. Unlike her collaborators Charli XCX and SOPHIE, she doesn’t want to push pop into the future or dismantle it and play with the parts; instead, she takes the genre as it’s being expressed this very moment and renders it brighter, bolder, and more aggressive. If heavy hitters like Ariana Grande and Halsey are making fruit juice, she’s a tier below, churning out frozen concentrate: similar taste, but in an undiluted, hyper-dense package.

Keiji Haino/Charles Hayward - A Loss Permitted... Music Album Reviews

A live recording from 2016 captures the avant-rock titans jamming on the edge of oblivion.
Keiji Haino and Charles Hayward have spent decades twisting through rock’s byways, slipping between the cracks of punk, noise, free improv, prog, music concrete, and on and on. If the rock pantheon’s ur-texts valorize righteous authenticity, Dyonisian sexual liberation, and noodly virtuosity, these two are undaunted inversions, Jungian shadows to that mainstream triumphant myth. You can identify either of them in an instant. In the case of Hayward, a founding member of This Heat, it’s that deep, British melancholy that floats somewhere between the looming apocalypse and something unknowably personal. For Haino, it doesn’t matter what instrument he finds himself on—guitar, vocals, hurdy-gurdy—everything comes out blazing with a stark, quasi-demonic spiritual force. In their hands, the basic tenets of rock music become a vessel for something more tectonic.

Sicilian Olive Chicken

This saucy one-skillet chicken dish is full of tomatoes, spinach, olives and capers. Try Kalamata olives in place of the green Sicilians or a combination of both. Serve over whole-wheat egg noodles with a mixed green salad on the side.

Amazon Launches New Kindle Oasis For 2019 With Warm Light

Amazon's new high-end Kindle Oasis comes in at the same price as the previous model with an upgraded light.
Amazon does update the Kindle range fairly regularly, somewhat rotating around the models and it's the turn of the premium Oasis which comes in at the same price but with an upgraded warm light.
It's confusing to keep track of the Kindle range in terms of generations so Amazon simply calls it the 'all-new Kindle Oasis' instead. We'll be calling it the Kindle Oasis 2019 to indicate when it launched.

Vodafone Smart V10 Review

The Vodafone Smart V10 defies its price tag to provide phenomenal value for money
Should I Buy The Vodafone Smart V10?
The highest compliment you can pay to this phone is that no-one would suspect it retails for just £105.
A modern design, superb battery life and above-par cameras mean there are few phones like it in the truly budget market. Of course, in an ideal world you’d have USB-C fast charging, a faster processor and a higher resolution screen, but at this price point we’re not complaining.
If you’re making your first foray into the smartphone world, or have become tired of spending hundreds of pounds on phones, the Smart V10 could be the phone for you, provided you are happy to be on Vodafone.

Tronsmart Force Review

Tronsmart's latest Bluetooth speaker is a force to be reckoned with
Should I Buy The Tronsmart Force?
The Tronsmart Force is a great portable speaker built for the outdoors with IPX7 water- and dustproofing and a shock-resistant design, but that doesn’t mean it sacrifices on smarts or audio quality with Bluetooth 5.0 and an impressive 40W output. 

TV Shootout 2019: LED/LCD TV Closes the Gap But OLED Still Reigns Supreme

Can it be 15 years since the first TV shootout? Apparently it can. Last week at the CE Week show in New York City, Robert Zohn of Value Electronics hosted the fifteenth annual TV shootout. Zohn created the event in 2004 as a way of identifying the TV with the best overall picture quality in each year's new batch. As in previous years, the top performing TVs were put side by side to determine which set takes the prize as the current King of TV.

The Black Keys - “Let’s Rock” Music Album Reviews

This is an album by the Black Keys called “Let’s Rock.” That's what it does.
When the Black Keys look back, they won’t have regrets about striking while the iron was hot. After the mammoth success of their sixth album Brothers, which polished the band’s raw blues-rock enough for the radio, the duo raced out two more albums, including 2011’s even slicker El Camino. They headlined arenas and festivals, touring ceaselessly while licensing their music to seemingly any brand interested—which, for a time, felt like all of them. They were ubiquitous, and their sound became so permanently embedded in the airwaves that casual listeners may not have noticed they’ve been gone.

Peggy Gou - DJ-Kicks Music Album Reviews

The Korean DJ’s contribution to the storied mix series looks beyond the dancefloor, offering a tantalizing peek at her influences.
The histories of fashion and techno are frequently intertwined—just ask Raf Simons, who debuted his Spring/Summer 2020 collection at Paris Fashion Week with pieces that paid tribute to the legendary R&S Records—and that’s especially true for the DJ and producer Peggy Gou. Born in South Korea and now based in Berlin, Gou cut her teeth studying at London College of Fashion before turning to dance music. Fashion school is rooted in learning history before adding your own spin, and Gou brings that wisdom to her music. Her tracks are extremely reverent to foundational elements of techno, house, and electro, but she pivots each one into her own point of view.

The Appleseed Cast - The Fleeting Light of Impermanence Music Album Reviews

On their first new album in six years, the longrunning emo outfit take ownership of their sound. Even the quietest moments sit with jagged nerves and lingering tension.
Though years of sustained, steady success allowed the Appleseed Cast’s Chris Crisci to table the prospect of day jobs and fatherhood, it drained the band of the kind of mystique that powers rapturous reunions. Second-wave peers in Pedro the Lion, Braid, the Get Up Kids, the Jazz June, and American Football returned after long hiatuses with considerate, measured takes on maturity and familial obligation; when Crisci reckoned with “fear and irrelevance and not wanting to become an adult” on 2013’s Illumination Ritual, it was simply one new Appleseed Cast album among many. Crisci admits that it was an insecure work, timid in its viewpoint and execution. An album titled The Fleeting Light of Impermanence is no less aware of humanity’s cosmic insignificance, but the band has come to accept the freedom within: We’re here and …

75 Dollar Bill - I Was Real Music Album Reviews

The experimental New York duo morph into a crack ensemble on their wide-ranging new double album, blurring genres and record-store categories.
Guitarist Che Chen briefly worked at New York’s beloved Other Music in the mid-’00s, and his subsequent duo with percussionist Rick Brown, 75 Dollar Bill, bears the stamp of the shop’s aesthetic. Their early music did a lot with a little—Chen’s guitar amp strapped to his back, Brown pounding out beats on a wooden box. They recalled Tinariwen and Group Doueh, as well as obscure favorites like Otha Turner and Henry Flynt, artists the store championed. Naturally, the band’s 2015 debut LP was released on the Other Music imprint, and when the venerated store closed for good in 2016, 75 Dollar Bill was part of the farewell parade.

Grilled Chicken Legs with Fennel & Olive Relish

A bright and briny relish made from fennel, lemon and olives is the perfect accompaniment in this Italian-inspired grilled chicken recipe. If you prefer, you can substitute 2 bone-in chicken breasts, cut in half (they're typically large enough to serve 2), or a mix of bone-in chicken pieces. Adjust the cooking time as necessary. Serve with a glass of dry Italian wine.

GoDaddy Web Hosting Review

The GoDaddy operation offers a slick and no-nonsense approach to website design with the emphasis on beginners.
Should I Buy GoDaddy Web Hosting?
We love the ease with which GoDaddy can help you get up and running with your website. There’s no real technical stuff to tackle and the interface is about as simple as it gets.

2020 BMW X6 Preview

Daring shapeImposing lookImpressive performanceAvailable V-8 powerDISLIKES
Light-up grille? You sure?Very expensiveNot practicalThe X5 and X7 are very goodBUYING TIP
The 2020 BMW X6 goes on sale in November 2019.

1&1 IONOS Review

With a raft of useful tools which are easy to use, 1&1 IONOS website building package makes a lot of sense for fledgling projects. It's also a great value web hosting platform.
Should I Buy 1&1 IONOS?
If you can circumnavigate the slightly tangled selection of products and explore the inner workings of both the hosting and email on offer then 1&1 IONOS should not disappoint. For additional reassurance there’s a 30-day money back guarantee, and overall it’s one of the better choices for hosting your website right now.

Hostinger Review

If you’re looking to get really stuck in to your business-based website then Hostinger is a good choice, with virtually unlimited options.
Should I Buy Hostinger?
We like the powerful range of options with a Hostinger account and it delivers a rock-solid end product, just as long as you’re up for the creative challenge.

Moodymann - Sinner Music Album Reviews

The elusive Detroit producer returns after a years-long mysterious absence with a burning, urgent, and immersive new LP.
Last spring, a new Moodymann album popped up on dance music sites listed only as “coming soon.” A single dropped and vanished, but June came and went with no full-length follow-up to his 2014 self-titled album. At that point, the Detroit producer also known as Kenny Dixon, Jr. had begun showing up in places far outside the dance music underground. Even in his years-long absence, he could be heard purring “fuck dat shit” on Drake’s “Passionfruit” and DJing Prince obscurities around the world. With little effort on his end, his woozy, soul-rooted take on house music had infiltrated everyone from Channel Tres and Motor City Drum Ensemble to Caribou’s Daphni alias.

Black Pumas - Black Pumas Music Album Reviews

The Austin-based duo don’t shy away from signifiers of the past, conjuring the sounds of the late 1960s and early 1970s without succumbing to pure nostalgic pandering.
Black Pumas sounds like a band name coined at the twilight of the soul era, when R&B turned grittier, trippier, and funkier. It’s a name that evokes that of the Black Panthers, the African-American activist group who defined militant protest during the late 1960s and early 1970s—which is not coincidentally the period that the Austin-based duo of guitarist/producer Adrian Quesada and vocalist Eric Burton consciously conjure on their eponymous debut album.

Divino Niño - Foam Music Album Reviews

The Chicago band’s first full-length is a collection of sweet, brightly colored love songs from the mind of an acid enthusiast, woven from a small used record store’s worth of influences.
Chicago quartet Divino Niño started out playing distinctive-enough psychedelic garage-pop. With Foam, their first proper full-length after a couple of demo compilations, they forge a richer and more inventive sound. Their squiggly, retro-futurist approach borrows freely but selectively from among a vast pop-rock songbook, the psychedelic explorations of the past, and more recent internet subgenres. This is a collection of sweet, brightly colored love songs from the mind of an acid enthusiast, woven from a small used record store’s worth of influences.

Various Artists - Digital Kabar: Electronic Maloya From La Réunion Since 1980 Music Album Reviews

A traditional, once-suppressed style from La Réunion, a small island off the coast of Madagascar, meets the electronic music of the 21st century.
Emanating from the tiny French island La Réunion, nestled some 500 miles off the coast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, maloya dates back to the 17th century. Made by the slaves working the island’s sugar plantations, the music only began to be recognized by Réunionese society in the 20th century. But in the 1960s, a turn towards pro-independence and communist lyrics—not to mention its use in trance-inducing servis kabaré ceremonies, which the Catholic Church disapproved of—led to the prohibition of the style. When it emerged again in the 1980s, acts like Ziskanan and Ti Fock presented a more digestible iteration of that sound, which got picked up by western labels. But in the 21st century, artists like Christine Salem and Danyèl Waro have broadened the appeal of maloya, while Jako Maron has used modular synths and drum machines to both mod…

Thai Grilled Chicken with Sweet & Spicy Dipping Sauce

In this recipe for gai yang, or Thai grilled chicken, the chicken marinade is enriched with a little coconut milk, which keeps the meat moist during grilling. Prepare the sweet-and-spicy dipping sauce the day you want to use it, because it loses freshness quickly. If you prefer to use chicken breasts instead of thighs and drumsticks, use 3 bone-in breast halves and cut each in half crosswise for 6 servings total.

NordVPN Review

NordVPN is a great VPN service which supports virtually all devices and which offers excellent security and privacy. Plus, it's very affordable and easy to use and offers top customer service. That's why it's our current favourite.
Should I Buy NordVPN?
NordVPN is a simple-to-use VPN with a huge number of servers to choose from, great speeds and a slew of handy features which enhance security and privacy. Plus, it unblocks video streaming sites. It’s #1 in our round-up of the top 10 VPN services.

2020 Chevrolet Spark Review

Low priceAvailable active safety gearGood techNimble handlingDISLIKES
Slow, loud accelerationBusy rideBusy rideGets prPricey with optionsicey with optionsBUYING TIP
To get active safety tech, you’ll have to upgrade to the 2020 Chevrolet Spark 2LT.

Lenovo V330-14ARR Review

The Lenovo V330-14ARR is a powerful budget laptop, but it's not easy on the eyes – both in terms of looks and display. Here's our full review.
Should I Buy The Lenovo V330-14ARR?
The Lenovo V330-14ARR is unapologetically a no-frills work machine. You get a fast, responsive laptop that excels in tasks like word processing and browsing, and has stronger graphics than laptops in a similar range. However, it flounders when it comes to the display, which is dull and best suited for looking at text and numbers (think spreadsheets), not graphics or videos.




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