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2020 MINI Cooper Countryman Review

2020 MINI Cooper Countryman Review LIKES Attractive stylingPremium qualityRoom for passengers and cargoActive safety now standardMore powerful JCWDISLIKES Gets very expensive, very fastOvermatched base engineStrange packaging decisionsPlug-in hybrid range still lackingBUYING TIP With active safety features and LED headlights now standard for 2020, spend as little on a well-equipped Countryman Cooper S as possible.



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Sony Launches New Generation Edition Of Its Walkman

Sony has launched the anniversary edition of the iconic cassette player that had first made music portable. The new device has been launched as a part of Walkman’s 40th birthday. Rest assured, the device does not actually play cassettes and was revealed at the IFA on September 5, 2019. The new Sony NW- A100TPS has marked the company’s attempt to revitalize the Walkman brand.

2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Reviews

Loads of style after all these yearsPlenty of powertrain optionsCapable off-road TrailhawkFive adults fit comfortablyHilarious 707-hp TrackhawkDISLIKES
A $100,000 Jeep?Lackluster efficiencySubpar safety scoresAging interiorBUYING TIP
Now that active safety technology is available on the base Laredo, it’s easier to get more Jeep Grand Cherokee for much less money.

Light Phone II Launched For Those Who Dislike Smartphones

Smartphones have surely become almost an integral part of modern life and there is now an anti-smartphone undercurrent that is going around the internet. These point out towards the dangers of social disassociation and smartphone addiction that result from having our faces glued to the screens. In order to strike some kind of a balance, the Light Phone II and its predecessor try to go back to the basics and now offer an anti-smartphone experience to those who are willing to pay the upfront price for that new lifestyle.

Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10

We explain the differences between the Galaxy Note 10 and the S10 so you can decide which one is right for you.
Should I Buy The Samsung Galaxy S10 or Samsung Galaxy Note 10?
If you don't need an S-Pen, the Galaxy S10 could well be the better phone for you. It has a standard headphone jack and - for what it's worth - a higher resolution screen. Importantly, its cameras are just as good as the Note 10's.

Lana Del Rey - Norman Fucking Rockwell! Music Album Reviews

On her elegant and complex fifth album, Lana Del Rey sings exquisitely of freedom and transformation and the wreckage of being alive. It establishes her as one of America’s greatest living songwriters.
In 2017, Lana Del Rey stopped performing in front of the American flag. Where the singer-songwriter born Elizabeth Grant had once stood onstage before a wavering projection of stars and stripes, charged by a brash apple-pie and blue-jeans patriotism, she now deemed the flag “inappropriate,” preferring a screen of static instead. For a woman whose songs are like miniature syllabi in American Studies—saturated in references to jazz, girl groups, heavy metal, Springsteen; Hemingway and Fitzgerald; money, power, glory; excess and loss; Whitmanian multitudes—it felt like an act of defiance.

Sheryl Crow - Threads Music Album Reviews

The superstar’s eleventh studio album pairs her with famous friends ranging from Stevie Nicks to St. Vincent.
Sheryl Crow’s first two albums were to ’90s kids what Anita Baker’s Rapture and Paul Simon’s Graceland were to their siblings a decade earlier: minivan mainstays blasted by parents aging out of their misspent youth. Raucous within limits, sardonic without blurring into cruelty, Tuesday Night Music Club (1993) and Sheryl Crow (1996) buried sly experimental touches and an encyclopedia’s worth of classic rock knowledge under a radio-ready sheen thick enough to survive heavy rotation. Sheryl Crow, her first self-produced album, threw together Wurlitzers and Neil Finn, Penny-Owsley pianos and the Attractions’ Pete Thomas—it was all good to Crow, master of ecumenical mom rock.

Ruth Garbus - Kleinmeister Music Album Reviews

With tranquil, careful compositions that encourage introspection, the Vermont musician reflects on climate anxiety without succumbing to doom and gloom.
The title of Ruth Garbus’ second record, Kleinmeister, translates to “Little Masters,” a German term for a group of 16th-century artists who produced prints from miniscule, labyrinthine engravings. Viewing their work half a millennium later, one is awed by the patience of such handmade precision. Such is the experience of listening to Garbus’ music, the intricacies of which inspire a similar quiet reverence.

HTRK - Venus in Leo Music Album Reviews

The duo depicts moments of great longing and melancholy on their sensual and gloomy new album.
In the wake of bassist and founding member Sean Stewart’s passing in 2010, HTRK’s sound changed considerably. The now-duo shed the cold, industrial leanings of their earlier releases for a more overtly sensual approach, something that could soundtrack moments of intimacy or ennui, or both.
HTRK explores these same rich themes on Venus in Leo, but the mood is suffocated by melancholy. If the steely electronics of Work (work, work) recalled Antoine D’Agata’s alluringly grotesque photography, Venus in Leo suggests those same photos shot in broad daylight, all obscurity and mystery erased. HTRK are at their most vulnerable here, sounding in desperate need of sating desires before they are paralyzed by listlessness and disappointment.

Roidmi Nex Storm Review

The upcoming Roidmi Nex Storm cordless vacuum cleaner hit its crowdfunding target in one hour - but does it live up to the hype? We review its design, performance and value for money, and try out its funky mop attachment
Should I Buy The Roidmi Nex Storm?
The Roidmi Nex Storm cordless vacuum cleaner looks and feels good, hits a nice compromise point between weight and battery life, and offers respectable suction power. Chuck in some bonus features such as wet cleaning, an app and a cool automatic light, and you're looking at a solid mid-price option.

2020 Jeep Wrangler Review

LIKES Iconic looksImproved interiorNew turbodieselUnquestionable off-road abilityTwo- or four-door body styles DISLIKES Expensive in almost any trimRough everyday rideCramped rear seatSafety is unknown BUYING TIP The Wrangler Sport S trim represents the best value in the lineup unless your commute involves heavy rock climbing and river fording.

Eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor Review

A brilliant baby monitor with top-quality features but a high price tag and no WiFi connectivity.
Should I Buy The Eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor?
We were immediately impressed by the Eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor, from its neat packaging and modern, simple design right through to its ease-of-use and the quality of the image. It’s one of the more expensive monitors we’ve seen, but if you’re willing to cough up the cash it certainly looks and feels like a premium option, albeit one without WiFi connectivity. 

Aura Digital Photo Frame Review

The Aura Digital Photo Frame has one of the highest quality resolutions of any digital frame on the market, and connects photos from the cloud. But what do we think of this high-end smart home accessory?
Should I Buy The Aura Digital Photo Frame?
As digital photo frames go, Aura is one of the most attractive on the market, with a sleek design and high resolution. The cloud storage and app controlled software will also be a positive for many users. However, the premium features do make the product have a heftier price than its competitors, and it still comes with a few gripes.

JAY-Z - In My Lifetime, Vol. 1 Music Album Reviews

Each Sunday, Pitchfork takes an in-depth look at a significant album from the past, and any record not in our archives is eligible. Today, we revisit JAY-Z’s second album, one that’s more gripping as a show of raw skill than it is as an act of myth-making.
One night in the fall or winter of 1996, JAY-Z and The Notorious B.I.G. were relaxing at Daddy’s House, the studio that Bad Boy owned in Midtown. This was almost certainly after the car accident that shattered Biggie’s left leg and forced him to use a wheelchair, and later a cane, as he worked slowly on the sophomore album that he planned to call Life After Death… Til Death Do Us Part. The rappers were friends if not exactly peers: Big’s first LP, Ready to Die, had taken on a mythic quality, where Reasonable Doubt, Jay’s debut from two years later, had been a modest success.
That night in the studio, Big played Jay some works in progress: “Hypnotize,” “My Downfall,” a handful of others. Jay was a little envious, looking at somebody wh…

Carrot Cake

This moist and delicious Carrot Cake is an oil-based spice cake filled with lots of freshly grated carrots. It’s paired with a thick layer of luscious cream cheese frosting and topped with crunchy pecans for garnish.

Oppo Reno Z Review

Despite not offering the pop-up camera synonymous with the Reno range, the Oppo Reno Z is one to consider. Find out why in our full review.
Should I Buy The Oppo Reno Z?
The Oppo Reno Z is an impressive mid-range smartphone, offering a premium design alongside a decent camera setup and unique take on Android with ColorOS6.

2020 Nissan Versa Review

Low price7.0-inch touchscreenComfortable front seatsGood trunkDISLIKES
Pokey accelerationCramped rear seatsSome strange ergonomicsBase version lacks featuresBUYING TIP
Skip the base 2020 Versa S and start with the SV. There’s better tech there for daily-drivers.

IT Chapter Two Review

IT Chapter Two is the sequel the 2017 smash hit. But did this film live up to the hype? Read our spoiler-free review of the movie.
Should I Watch IT Chapter Two?
Even though the Losers Club is all grown-up, IT Chapter Two doesn’t lose what makes this horror unique. Childhood fears are brought to life in the most terrifying of manners, and the dual casts do a fantastic job. However, the film was on the lengthy side.
Nonetheless, it’s a great companion to the first film, and brings the story of the Losers Club full-circle. And of course, Pennywise will still make you have a crippling fear of clowns.

Razer Blade Stealth 13 (late 2019) Review: Hands-on

The new Razer Blade Stealth 13 claims to be the first ever gaming ultrabook - and if it can handle the heat then it could be phenomenal
Should I Buy The Razer Blade Stealth 13 (late 2019)?
The Razer Blade Stealth 13 could be a phenomenal piece of kit for anyone who wants to game on the go - as long as it actually keeps up with Razer’s performance claims and doesn’t burn your lap in the process.
As with any Razer tech, the only other thing to pause over is the price, but for power like this you will have to pay.

Missy Elliott - Iconology EP Music Album Reviews

The pop music icon spends too much time looking back on a seemingly rushed, mostly forgettable collection of tracks.
In the decade-plus since her last album, Missy Elliott has been trapped in a cycle of returns and retreats. Albums have been teased, then coming soon, then renamed, and later scrapped. Singles have been released and choreographed but then left at sea, never followed-up or built upon. Though Missy has remained an active producer, songwriter, and guest artist, it’s hard not to think of those efforts as busywork. When she rapped, “Thought I fell off, I ain’t quite finished,” on 2012’s single “9th Inning,” it felt like a Freudian slip more than a threat. Released the weekend before her receipt of the VMAs’ Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award, Iconology confirms what’s long been implied by these recurring starts and stops: Missy Elliott is no longer the future.


Pop and noise make for strangely suited bedfellows on an album, by turns colorful and crushing, steeped in physical and psychic pain.
Like many noise musicians, Black Dresses have a lot to say about pain. Over the last couple of years, the Canadian duo of Devi McCallion and Ada Rook has screamed, rapped, and moaned about the lasting impact of trauma and the indescribable psychic effects of existing in a world that wants you dead. The music that has accompanied those feelings has been appropriately twisted. Their 2018 debut, WASTEISOLATION, felt like pop radio being pulled into a black hole, stretching and destroying the connective tissue that held together the memorable melodies.

Ceremony - In the Spirit World Now Music Album Reviews

After some nebulous false starts, the former hardcore band has finally found space to carve their own lane in the crowded field of ’80s-indebted groups.
As each new album takes them further from their powerviolence days, former hardcore outfit Ceremony recognize the pitfalls of genre pivots. On 2012’s Zoo, they toyed with garage rock; on 2015’s The L-Shaped Man, they indulged explicit Joy Division hero worship. They are also sick of hearing about how they don’t sound punk anymore and would appreciate if you could please shut up about it. (“Not reflecting on the evolution of the band is what keeps us motivated,” guitarist Anthony Anzaldo said in a press release.)

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw 2019 Sinhala Subtitles

Lawman Luke Hobbs and outcast Deckard Shaw form an unlikely alliance when a cyber-genetically enhanced villain threatens the future of humanity.

Air Fryer Mac and Cheese Bites

Air Fryer Mac and Cheese Bites are the perfect air fryer appetizer. They are easy to make and so crispy and golden delicious. You need these cheesy snacks in your life.

Roku Launches Sound Bar That Can Stream Content To TV

American tech company Roku has introduced a new Smart Sound Bar as a part of its hardware portfolio on September 4, 2019. It functions as a TV speaker as well as a Roku Media Player that can serve up to a ton of content without the need for a separate device. The Sound bar has four different drivers so that it can help deliver a big improvement over the existing TV speakers.

2020 Volkswagen Atlas Reviews

LIKES Massive interiorRides wellEasy third-row accessSpacious cargo areaDISLIKES Not fastNot efficientNot stylishNot luxuriousBUYING TIP Spending more doesn’t necessarily buy a high-zoot 2020 VW Atlas. Stick with the base S and mid-level SE trim levels.

Huawei Launched New P30 Pro Design

Huawei is all set to launch the Mate 30 later this month and meanwhile, the company has revealed a new redesigned P30 Pro. It is different from the existing P30 Pro and comes in two tone matte and glossy finish in either blue or lavender. While the design is new, the P30 Pro also comes with Android 10 pre-installed, which is a good way for Huawei to launch a new device with the latest Android operating system of Google.

Android 10 Review

There’s a lick of paint and some new features, but a new version of Android is always more exciting for the Pixel few than the Samsung crew
Should I Buy Android 10?
Just like every year, Android 10 is a good update. Granular privacy and permission settings are a quiet winner and the playful design, improved gestures and better-late-than-never dark mode shake things up.
While it’s great to see every Pixel phone supported, therein lies the issue – when will any other existing phones get Android 10? Some released soon may have it, but Android remains fragmented enough that many of the great ideas here will get lost in other manufacturers’ interpretations and people with older phones will simply never see the benefit of Android’s evolution until they upgrade.

Little Brother - May the Lord Watch Music Album Reviews

The North Carolina rap group (minus producer 9th Wonder) reunite for a warm, breezy LP that recalls the best of their original work.
The prospect of a Little Brother reunion seemed so unlikely that both Day One fans and this guy expressed excitement and disbelief when it happened. For the past decade, the North Carolina trio—consisting of producer 9th Wonder and rappers Phonte and Big Pooh—were in different places, creatively and personally. They arrived with fanfare in 2003 via Okayplayer’s message boards and a big cosign from the site’s founder ?uestlove. This wasn’t Southern rap the way we were used to hearing it: Between 9th’s airy, soul-sampling beats and the rappers’ complex flows, Little Brother drew comparisons to East Coast stalwarts like De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, and EPMD.

Fire-Toolz - Field Whispers (Into the Crystal Palace) Music Album Reviews

Balancing vaporwave’s glossy kitsch with throat-shredding metal vocals and labyrinthine sound collage, Angel Marcloid’s music is a perfect fusion of pop and pure abstraction.
Angel Marcloid is no stranger to chaos: Her labels Swamp Circle and Rainbow Bridge brim with glitchy noise and scrambled vaporwave. But the music the Chicago multi-instrumentalist makes as Fire-Toolz has always been too meticulous to simply coast on entertaining randomness. Slapping MIDI basslines, screamed metal vocals, video-game synths, riffing guitars, and proggy drum fills might all collide in any given song, but Marcloid’s instrumentally and mathematically virtuosic constructions never feel simply thrown together. The highwire balancing act of all these wildly moving parts has always been Fire-Toolz’s calling card, and on the brilliant new Field Whispers (Into the Crystal Palace) it reaches a whole new level of thrilling intensity.

Mariah the Scientist - Master Music Album Reviews

The major-label debut from the Atlanta R&B singer offers a layered, mesmerizing portrait of modern romance.
Mariah the Scientist’s boyfriend was tripping on drugs at 7 a.m. when she realized she loved him, maybe. On her major-label debut, Master, the Atlanta R&B singer staggers away from something equally as reckless, struggling not to be re-hypnotized by nostalgia. “The idea of love and who I was with—they’ve become my master of some sort,” she explained, “when I should have just been myself.” As she writhes against the vice-grip of a toxic relationship, she paints an image of modern romance that’s impressively refined, vivid, and unblinkingly honest. The album is a powerful presentation of her attempt to reclaim control over herself.

Shadowax - nikolai reptile Music Album Reviews

Mirabella Karyanova’s debut EP for Nina Kraviz’s Trip label pairs playful Russian-language vocal manipulation with woozy electronic pop modeled after minimal techno’s trippy specifications.
If the shady Russian spies from “Stranger Things”’ telekinetic netherworld made electronic pop, it might sound a little like nikolai reptile, Shadowax’s debut EP for Nina Kraviz’s Trip: mysterious, disorienting, and faintly ridiculous. This is a record that dares you to understand it, safe in the knowledge you will never quite get the measure of its shifting sands.

Google, YouTube Fined $170 Million Over Collecting Personal Information

The Federal Trade Commission said that search engine giant Google and its YouTube subsidiary will pay $170 million to settle allegations that the video sharing site collected personal information from children without the consent of their parents. The companies have allegedly collected information of children viewing videos on YouTube by tracking users of channels that are directed at kids.

2020 Porsche Taycan Preview

LIKES Electric PorscheHigh-tech interiorThrilling accelerationHandsome bodyDISLIKES Expensive...... and really expensiveWhy Turbo?BUYING TIP The 2020 Porsche Taycan goes on sale in December 2019.

Samsung Launches Much Awaited Samsung Galaxy Fold

South Korean giant Samsung has launched the much awaited Galaxy Fold – which is a part f a completely new category of mobile technology. The device is now available in Korea from September 6, 2019 and will see a launch of the devices in some of the selected countries like Germany, France, Singapore, US, UK and more. The Galaxy Fold will be available in Cosmos Black and Space Silver.

Facebook To Ask For Consent To Scan Photos

Social networking site Facebook has announced that it will be rolling out its facial recognition settings for everyone. The announcement also said that the settings will be turned off by default for the new users. Users who do not already have this setting will be able to notified and asked if they want to turn it on.

SiR - Chasing Summer Music Album Reviews

The TDE soul singer takes a darker turn on his second record, a sad and gauzy R&B collection full of bitterness and missed connections.
SiR’s debut album began with a computerized female voice who answered to “K” telling the singer his plane was ready. “K” guided the album, chirping at SiR between creamy ballads and serving as a sort of tour guide and road map. You can hear faint traces of this narrative device on SiR’s latest album, Chasing Summer, which is book-ended by a pilot’s voiceover and the faint sputter of plane engines. It’s an odd framing for an album that never leaves home: The Inglewood singer drifts around the city with his hair down, flirting with girls who grew up on Queen Street. Even metaphorically, there’s not a lot of movement: SiR’s songs tend to find one mood and simmer in it.

Baby Rose - To Myself Music Album Reviews

With a voice that evokes Nina Simone’s, the 24-year-old Atlanta soul singer uses her debut album to explore post-breakup intimacies of pain and desire.
Since the days of Ma Rainey and Bessie Smith, rejecting domesticity has been part of the blues lady agenda. In her 1998 book Blues Legacies and Black Feminism, Angela Davis wrote that leading blueswomen “challenged the notion that women’s ‘place’ was in the domestic sphere” by making very few allusions to marriage, domesticity, or motherhood. Instead, counter to social expectations for women then and even now, they presented themselves as independent.

Cousin Stizz - Trying to Find My Next Thrill Music Album Reviews

On his second album, the Boston rapper embraces his strengths, grows into his voice as a writer and draws lessons from his come-up.
Boston rapper Cousin Stizz has spent his career fighting to break into the mainstream. Since signing a major-label deal, he’s worked with big-name producers including Vinylz and WondaGurl, secured guest verses from established rappers like Offset and G-Eazy, and courted the zeitgeist with a variety of on-trend styles: flute-rap, Migos-style repetition, codeine rap. But despite these efforts, Stizz has yet to score a hit after four years in the public eye. The rapper retreats to his comfort zone on Trying to Find My Next Thrill, doubling down on the slow, hypnotic trap on which he made his name. This retrenchment turns out to be a smart move: The end result is Stizz’s most consistent release since his haunting debut, Suffolk County.

Dark Phoenix (2019) Sinhala Subtitles

Synopsis The X-Men. Protectors of peace. Jean Grey is one of the most beloved X-Men. But when a mission goes wrong, Jean is exposed to a dark and ancient power. This power has destroyed everything it comes in contact with, until her. Now that this power is becoming unstable, she releases it with destruction and anger. Now that this foreign power is consuming her, and the world is threatened, the X-Men have to face an important truth: they must save either the world, or their friend who threatens it.

Crescent Chicken Pot Pie Casserole

Crescent Chicken Pot Pie Casserole is a delicious comfort food dinner that the whole family will love. A tender, flaky crescent crust is overflowing with chunks of chicken and your favorite veggies in a flavorful sauce. We won’t tell them how easy it is to put together.

Planet Zoo Preview

We went hands-on with Planet Zoo behind closed doors at Gamescom 2019, and here's what we think about the upcoming sim so far
Should I Buy The Planet Zoo?
We'll await Planet Zoo's full release before we deliver our verdict and star rating, but based on our first impressions, it's certainly one to look forward to.

2020 Ram 1500 Review

High-tech options and featuresLuxury-worthy Limited modelComfortable rideStrong V-8 powertrainAvailable turbodiesel engineDISLIKES
Less distinctive than in the pastExpensive at the top of the rangeAir suspension is too firmSparsely equipped base modelBUYING TIP
The 2020 Ram 1500 Laramie offers plenty of luxury for the price; it’s our pick of all the trims.

Samsung Ready To Release Cheaper Foldable Smartphone In 2020

South Korean giant Samsung is on the verge to release its much awaited and delayed Galaxy Fold. While the Fold is yet to be launched, there are already reports that a second Samsung foldable set is all set to be launched in 2020. The new Samsung smartphone will be built around a 6.7 inch display that folds inwards to form an easily pocketable square. The device is expected to be more affordable and thinner than the $1,980 Fold.

Form Swim Goggles Will Now Display Heart Rate

Many might think that Form is already having the perfect pair of Swim Goggles , but the company is all set to add another feature, which is the heart rate tracking. Form announced that it has teamed up with fitness wearable company Polar to introduce the heart rate technology. The new software update will begin rolling out from November, 2019 for free.

Jay Som - Anak Ko Music Album Reviews

Melina Duterte’s second album as Jay Som sounds exploratory and playful, like a jam session among friends that’s just hit its stride.
Melina Duterte’s process has always been entirely self-contained. On her first two releases as Jay Som, she recorded, produced, and engineered everything herself. This “recorded alone in her room” quality has often resulted in her music being described as bedroom pop. The label is inevitable given that she works in a home studio, but it flattens the complexity of her work. Her excellent debut album, 2017’s Everybody Works, mashed together electronica, indie rock, and pop while retaining a gauziness that felt immediate and personal. Huge guitar hooks gave some songs the bright thrill of ’90s pop, while echoing, repeated vocals created moments of hypnotic drowsiness.

Jidenna - 85 to Africa Music Album Reviews

On his latest, Jidenna invokes a metaphorical highway to Africa, uniting the sounds of the sprawling diaspora. The music ranges from booming contemporary hip-hop to feather-light afropop and highlife.
On a recent episode of The Breakfast Club, Jidenna shared a physics-lesson-cum-aphorism his late father often repeated: “You can’t inflate a balloon from inside the balloon. You must inflate it from outside,” he said, in what can be presumed to be an impression of his father’s Nigerian accent. “So the diaspora must take money from outside and put it in. And the continent must take money from inside and put it out.” It’s a sentiment likely familiar to the children of many African immigrants, an optimistic, globally minded philosophy with clear goals but no obvious plan of action. Jidenna’s 85 to Africa, named for the interstate highway that runs through the southeastern U.S., is an attempt to make good on that philosophy.

Instax Mini LiPlay Review

The Instax Mini LiPlay is a great digital hybrid instant camera that allows you to print photos directly from your smartphone camera roll. However, it isn't completely perfect
Should I Buy The Instax Mini LiPlay?
This digital hybrid offers a lot for its money. Having the ability to be both an instant camera and instant printer that can print photos from your smartphone is a huge plus. But are all the features included useful?

2020 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Review

Sharp stylingLow price of entrySolid warrantySafety features standard on most trims…DISLIKES
…But not on the base modelNot a value propositionShort on interior spaceInexpensive-looking materialsBUYING TIP
Start shopping here with the Eclipse Cross SE, as it now includes standard active safety features that you’ll definitely want.

YouTube To Launch YouTube Kids Exclusively For Children

Video sharing site YouTube is all set to launch a separate website for children later this week. The news was given out in a support page that had the latest updates. The new website will reportedly be a desktop/web version of its existing Kids app, so the users can expect similar features and safeguards that are available through the application.

Give Me Liberty Movie Review

It's always refreshing and stimulating when you see a film that doesn't conjure up something you've seen before. When it's a fun watch, it's a treat, and Kirill Mikhanovsky's "Give Me Liberty" is exactly that.
Vic (Chris Galust) drives a medical transport van for a living, and almost all of the film’s action takes place in the van or in between van trips and stops. His actual job is to transport people with medical disabilities to their appointments and then back home.




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