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Samsung Galaxy Home Mini Release Date, Price & Spec Rumours

Today was thought to be the day we saw a Korean reveal of the Samsung Galaxy Home Mini - a more compact, fully featured version of the company's smart speaker that was expected to land a year ago - but it turns out we'll most likely be waiting for next week's Unpacked after all.

This time last year we were hoping Samsung would announce its rumoured Samsung Galaxy Home Mini smart speaker during the Galaxy S10 launch on 20 February. That obviously didn't happen - allegedly because Samsung wanted to convert it into a full smart home hub - and now, a full year on as we prepare for Galaxy S20, the product is said to finally be ready.

Samsung’s Galaxy Home smart speaker was at the time a reasonably new device, yet there were already rumours of a mini version to help it compete with the likes of Google and Amazon.

When Is The Samsung Galaxy Home Mini Release Date?
According to Tizen Help, Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Home Mini in South Korean on 12 February 2020 - the day after it announces Samsung Galaxy S20 at Unpacked. It is worth pointing out that, due to differences in time zones, this would actually be 11 February in the UK, US and Europe.

An update from the site later revealed that this had been brought forward to 7 February. The new date came via Samsung customer support in South Korea, with multiple people asking the same question and getting the same answer.

Remember that this difference in time zones applies here, too, however: as I type this it is the evening of 7 February in Korea, and no news of a Galaxy Home Mini has yet been released. We're now fairly sure the company will wait for Unpacked after all.

To be fair, the representative did say that the date could change. Here's the full statement:

"Hello, I am in charge of Samsung Mobile Phone. Sorry to let you wait a long time first. I received the attached file which sent well. The release date is scheduled for Friday, February 7, but please note that it may change depending on the situation. The price is expected to be 99,000 won. Thank you for taking the time to contact us and we look forward to providing you better products and services."

If it does launch ahead of Unpacked, it will likely be via a press release on Samsung's Korean newsroom as per the Galaxy Tab S6 5G.

It might still make an appearance at Unpacked where we'll hopefully get release dates for outside of Korea. Highlights of the show will include the aforementioned Samsung Galaxy S20, the Galaxy Z Flip (Samsung's second foldable phone), and the Galaxy Buds+.

How Much Will Samsung Galaxy Home Mini Cost?
According to the above source, Galaxy Home Mini will launch in South Korea at 99,000 won. That's roughly £64/US$83/€75, so we're expecting a sub-£100 price.

What's New In Samsung Galaxy Home Mini?
According to the screenshot provided by Tizen Help, the Galaxy Home Mini will feature the Bixby AI client and high-quality AKG speakers. There's a built-in mic for voice recognition, but more surprisingly an IR sensor that allows it to be remotely controlled.

Aside from this little else is known about the upcoming smart speaker. A year ago SamMobile suggested the model number, SM-V310, though this may have since been updated.

The regular Galaxy Home is the SM-V510, hence the expectation for the 310 to be a smaller version. The site knows it will come in black but that’s all.

How Samsung makes it smaller and cheaper is yet to be seen then, but we expect it to be similar to how rivals have created similar ranges for smart speakers. The firm is likely to fit the mini with fewer speakers and possibly fewer microphones also.


The Galaxy Home has a subwoofer and no less than eight far-field microphones so we’d expect to see just regular audio drivers and perhaps half the amount of mics.

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