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2020 Subaru Outback Review

Outstanding capabilityGenerous 11.6-inch touchscreenSpacious interior29 mpg combined with base engineComfortable rideDISLIKES
Styling isn’t a huge leapBase engine isn’t overwhelmingSmall-item storage lackingBUYING TIP
The Outback Premium offers the best value with creature comforts and outstanding ability off-road.




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The Nightingale Movie Review

Brutal 'Nightingale' Worth Listening To

Be wary of "The Nightingale," a powerful new movie worth seeking out should you choose to do so. It's a brutal and deeply upsetting film at almost every turn, but director Jennifer Kent ("The Babadook") handles the film's unsettling moments with purpose and conviction. Even so, be warned before entering the film.
Set in colonial Australia in 1825, Clare (Aisling Franciosi) has been enslaved by British commander Lieutenant Hawkins (Sam Claflin) for seven years. She is treated as a servant by Hawkins and his men, serving them food and drinks and being subjected to their crude comments and gestures. She is referred to as a nightingale because she serenades them on command as they sit around and get drunk.

The Ground Beneath My Feet Movie Review

Ground Up and Spit Out
Marie Kreutzer's "The Ground Beneath My Feet" has put itself into the early running for Best Foreign Film of 2019. It unfolds beautifully, dancing between psychological thriller and a cold examination of mental illness and the cutthroat corporate world.
Lola Wegenstein (Valerie Pachner) is a young, attractive woman who is a big part of a company that goes into other companies to make them more solvent. Translated, she is one of those people who is feared by employees everywhere in the corporate world, because when someone like her shows up at the place where you work, people are going to lose their jobs. Downsizing is everywhere. Personally, she is competent and affable, but she's part of the machine that can gobble people up and spit them out.

100 gecs - 1000 gecs Music Album Reviews

The duo’s wild-eyed genre mishmash covers chiptune’d pop-punk, chintzy trance synths, and the closely mic’d intimacy of indie pop—sometimes all in the same song.
If you're the type to take pleasure in connecting dots across the overwhelmingly scattered trends of 2010s digital music culture, then 100 gecs are right up your alley. Production and songwriting duo Dylan Brady and Laura Les—hailing from Los Angeles and Chicago, respectively—make abrasive, maximalist pop music that isn’t so much indefinable as it is endlessly identifiable, cross-sectioning myriad mainstream-leaning and definitively underground music released over the last decade. Nothing they’re doing is new, per se, but the way in which they do it feels fresh and appealingly unique.

Cherubs - Immaculada High Music Album Reviews

The fabled noise-rock outfit paint an ugly world on their second post-reunion release, but they have never sounded freer or more purposeful.
The fabled Austin noise rock band Cherubs have always had a close relationship, imagined or otherwise, to hard drugs. Their 1994 release Heroin Man earned them a permanent cult following with the same people that worshipped The Jesus Lizard, Butthole Surfers, and Cows. Their new label, Relapse, cheerfully characterizes them as drug music for drug people. The video for “18 the Number,” a track off their new album Immaculada High, is a choppy, mutated trip down memory lane, and won’t help dispel that well-worn association. But flying high or not, Cherubs has never sounded more lucid or purposeful.

Lisel - Angels on the Slope Music Album Reviews

The debut solo album from Pavo Pavo’s Eliza Bagg, a collection of pop songs with subtle experimental undertones, is her most outré release to date.
In her work with the band Pavo Pavo, and as a frequent collaborator of artists like Julianna Barwick and Tim Hecker, Eliza Bagg writes complicated arrangements and string parts masked by doe-like melodies. She exerts god-tier control over her soprano, approaching her work with the dogged precision of serious classical training. The Los Angeles-based polymath brings all this fussy expertise to her debut solo record, Angels on the Slope, under the moniker Lisel. A collection of pop songs with subtle experimental undertones, it’s Bagg’s most outré release to date, albeit one overcrowded by gaudy production effects.

Sheet-Pan Chicken & Brussels Sprouts

Roasted Brussels sprouts and chicken thighs are a match we go back to over and over again in the Test Kitchen. Paired with cumin, thyme, sweet potatoes and a hit of sherry vinegar, they create one of our favorite easy dinner recipes.


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