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Spinach, Asian Pear & Chicken Salad

Fragrant, crunchy Asian pears add a refreshing melon-like flavor to the healthy chicken salad recipe. Look for the large, brown, apple-shaped fruit in well-stocked supermarkets near other specialty fruit.




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RHA T20 Wireless Review

Offering superb audio quality, a hybrid wired and wireless design and a variety of eartips to choose from, the RHA T20 Wireless in-ear headphones offer enough to tempt consumers away from big brands. Find out why in our full review.
Should I Buy The RHA T20 Wireless? There's not really much to complain about when it comes to RHA's T20 Wireless in-ear headphones. They offer a blend of wireless and wired support alongside incredible-sounding audio, which is further enhanced by the inclusion of custom tuning filters that emphasise bass and treble.
The 12-hour battery life isn't the longest we've ever seen from a pair of neckbuds, and the lack of Bluetooth 5.0 and AAC support is a little disappointing, but these are still a phenomenal pair of in-ear headphones.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Review: Hands-on

Samsung has made a £1,800 flip phone for the modern era. We went hands-on with the Galaxy Fold to see whether the candy bar form factor should be quaking in its boots
Should I Buy The Samsung Galaxy Fold? The Samsung Galaxy Fold is a bleeding-edge example of new technologies that is stunning on first glance. It is better than a prototype, but it’s also very much a first-generation device. We’re not sure whether to call it a smartphone or a tablet. 
The display on the outside of the Fold is comically poky and it doesn't fold flat but the inside is where the party’s at: that unfolded 7.3in OLED is stunning. But there is a notch and an always noticeable crease and bump. 
Spending this much money on the Galaxy Fold instead of a smartphone is like buying a first-class train ticket. It’s a fancier seat, but the experience is basically the same as everyone else’s and it’ll cost you two or three times as much.

Synology DS419slim Review

The DS419slim fills a unique niche by being a NAS drive that exclusively accepts only 2.5in drives. A limitation that is perhaps more of a curse than a blessing. Find out why in our review.
Should I Buy The Synology DiskStation DS419slim?
On paper a NAS drive that uses 2.5in drives might seem interesting until you realise the limited sizes available for NAS use, and the cost of owning them.
Unless you really need a compact NAS drive, another model is likely to be a better choice.

How To Watch Wimbledon In Ultra HD HDR

For 2019, the BBC is offering all centre court matches at Wimbledon in Ultra HD with HDR support. Here's how to watch the live stream.
Glastonbury is over but Wimbledon is here so get your tennis fix and get it in stunning Ultra HD quality complete with HDR. Here's what you'll need and how to stream.

Various Artists - The Lion King: The Gift Music Album Reviews

Beyoncé parlays her role in Disney’s The Lion King to put out a fine companion album that showcases today’s African stars.
As Beyoncé’s art has grown outwardly political and pro-black throughout the decade, she has increasingly called upon African-born artists to participate in and inform her work. She did this with Tofo Tofo, the Mozambican pantsula dancers who appeared in her 2011 “Run the World (Girls)” video. In her self-titled era, she sampled Nigerian feminist writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on 2013’s “***Flawless,” and Griot vocalist Ismael Kouyaté on the Afro-inspired “Grown Woman.” The Lemonade film, which was threaded by excerpts of Somali-British poet Warsan Shire’s work, featured ritual Yoruba body makeup work by Nigerian-American artist Laolu Senbanjo. During her 2018 set at Global Citizen Fest South Africa, she recruited a local choir to add Zulu backing vocals to a performance of “Halo.” And later that year, her headlining Coachella performance interpolated Fela Kuti, wh…

Tomb Mold - Planetary Clairvoyance Music Album Reviews

The Toronto death metal quartet push outward into new territory on their darkest, strangest album yet.
Last fall, Tomb Mold previewed their third album, the sci-fi opus Planetary Clairvoyance, with a limited edition cassette tape. Featuring early versions of two songs from the upcoming record, the demo felt like an artifact from death metal’s late-80s heyday: murky, xeroxed, with little context for the uninitiated. Both songs hovered around the six-minute mark, blasting like wind tunnels. The accompanying liner notes, which attributed duties like “Void Expansion” and “Nebula Observation” to cryptically initialed band members, featured a statement of cosmic gratitude in the place where other bands might list their ‘thank you’s’ or paste their Bandcamp link: “The azure of the heavens is perfect, beautiful.”


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