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2020 MINI Cooper Countryman Review

2020 MINI Cooper Countryman Review LIKES Attractive stylingPremium qualityRoom for passengers and cargoActive safety now standardMore powerful JCWDISLIKES Gets very expensive, very fastOvermatched base engineStrange packaging decisionsPlug-in hybrid range still lackingBUYING TIP With active safety features and LED headlights now standard for 2020, spend as little on a well-equipped Countryman Cooper S as possible.



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Google Nest Mini Review

Google Nest Mini Review The Google Nest Mini doesn't re-invent the wheel - and leaves the original Home Mini design almost untouched - but upgraded audio makes this the new best Google Assistant speaker around.
Should I Buy The Google Nest Mini?
The Nest Mini is far from an overhaul of the Home Mini. If your house is already kitted out with the originals there’s no real reason to swap them out for the newer model. But for anyone looking to add Google to more rooms, or get the Google Assistant for the first time, the Nest Mini is the new best, and cheapest, way to do it.

Sennheiser GSP 370 Review

Sennheiser GSP 370 Review Sennheiser's latest headset claims that it can offer up to 100 hours worth of gameplay on a wireless charge. But does that make this a headset worth investing in?
Should I Buy The Sennheiser GSP 370?
Wireless audio for gaming has always faced the issue of low battery life - but that’s not an issue with the Sennheiser GSP 370, claiming a massive 100 hours of wireless play time. If you're a PC or PS4 gamer searching for uninterrupted gameplay audio, then this is one to consider.

Jim James/Teddy Abrams - The Order of Nature Music Album Reviews

Jim James/Teddy Abrams - The Order of Nature Music Album Reviews The My Morning Jacket frontman collaborates with his hometown orchestra on a spiritual set of covers and originals over symphonic arrangements.
The friendship between My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James and Louisville Orchestra conductor and music director Teddy Abrams dates back to 2014, the year Abrams moved to Louisville to become the youngest director in the ensemble’s 82-year history. Upon taking over, Abrams immediately started focusing on attracting young locals to the symphony, arguing in a PBS miniseries that funk, jazz, bluegrass, and folk were all not just viable, but fertile sources of inspiration for orchestral pieces. Abrams is also a composer, and thus a collaboration with Louisville native James seemed not as much an “if” as a “when.”

Homeboy Sandman - Dusty Music Album Reviews

Homeboy Sandman - Dusty Music Album Reviews The Queens rapper’s ninth album is full of the dizzyingly technical wordplay he’s made his trademark.
To hear Homeboy Sandman tell it, he’s in a great place now, contented and spinning raps for the pure joy of it. The Queens-bred rapper’s ninth album, Dusty, is his first on Mello Music Group since parting with Stones Throw, and he’s said that it is his most uninhibited release, one in which he allows parts of himself he’s kept in check to “flourish and surface.” But what mostly comes through on Dusty is what he’s already communicated, over and over again—he’s a technically accomplished rapper, and...well, that’s about it. If you’re looking for someone who will cram words like “hypotenuse” into verses, this is the album for you.

Foals - Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 2 Music Album Reviews

Foals - Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 2 Music Album Reviews The English band’s second album this year isn’t a complement to its predecessor so much as just another iteration on a now-standard formula.
At this point, Foals have settled into their role as alternative-radio festival stalwarts. Ever since the grimy riffs and macho vocals of Holy Fire lead single “Inhaler,” they’ve shown increasing comfort with their U2-sized sound. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing—the build of oft-synched signature song “Spanish Sahara” remains so stirring that its replicants, like “Late Night” and “Sunday,” soar by association. Even if March’s Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1 was too cluttered to recapture the intimacy of “Sahara,” unexpected detours like the sparse “Cafe D’Athens” and chaotic rave-up “In Degrees” broke through the murky production. Part 2, the band promised, would be heavier still—but mostly it continues the now-standard Foals album formula, dividing its tracklist into …

Relaxer - Coconut Grove Music Album Reviews

Relaxer - Coconut Grove Music Album Reviews After years of kicking against dance music’s strictures, Daniel Martin-McCormick delivers something close to a pure techno album. A product of turmoil, it’s a satisfyingly confident statement.
Daniel Martin-McCormick’s past always seems to dominate the conversation about his present. No matter how many new groups he’s formed or new aliases he’s tried on for size, his music continues to be evaluated through the lens of his earliest projects. Since 2002, Martin-McCormick has logged lengthy stints in groups like Black Eyes and Mi Ami and recorded solo as Sex Worker and Ital. (Full disclosure: he’s also an occasional contributor to Pitchfork.) Launched in 2016 with a series of five self-released EPs, Relaxer is the New York producer’s latest undertaking, and his new album, Coconut Grove, potentially represents a final, complete break from his noisy post-hardcore roots.




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