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Amazon Last Minute Christmas Sale Save Big On Tech After Black Friday

It's not too late to pick up tech gifts from Amazon. It's Last Minute Christmas Deals sale has discounts across smart home, laptops, monitors, speakers and other gadgets.
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Crucial BX200 480GB Review

The Crucial BX200 comes in at a lower price, but it fails to offer the same fast speeds of its competitors, especially if you're copying a lot of large files. Read our review to find out how it compares to other SSDs in the market today.
Should I Buy The Crucial BX200 480GB?
The Crucial BX200 480GB is a cheaper SSD and certainly offers an impressive step-up over traditional hard drives. However, given its cache limitations, you should think carefully about whether the saving is worth it.

2019 Lexus GS Review

The 2019 Lexus GS is a handsome mid-size luxury sedan with value on its side.
We should all be as lucky as the 2019 Lexus GS mid-size luxury sedan.
Despite the four-door’s relative age among competitors, the Lexus GS still looks handsome, offers reasonable luxury features and safety system, and competes with a lower price than more popular offerings from Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

Once Upon a Deadpool Movie Review

Oh Bloodshed, Where Art Thou?
"Once Upon a Deadpool,"  the PG-13 retrofit of "Deadpool 2," is a curious thing.  On one hand, it's a substantially tamed - and heavily edited - version of its bloody, blue, and foul-mouthed progenitor.  On the other hand, it manages to achieve that target rating not just by cutting, but by delivering decent new content to fill in the gaps created by the voluminous editing required.

Crucial MX500 Review

The latest Crucial MX500 SSD is as quick as you might expect, and the larger capacities also last longer. But it’s the low price that is likely to tempt you. Here's our review.
Should I Buy The Crucial MX500?
Unless you’re going to be using this drive for editing 4K video every day or need a 4TB device, the MX500 provides an almost perfect combination of performance and price.
If you can afford the bigger capacities, you get a bonus not only in cost-per-GB, but they also have a much longer lifespan.

Samsung 860 Evo Review

For those people still booting their systems from hard drives there is a simple direct replacement that will give their computer a performance kick in the pants. The Samsung 860 Evo is a great choice.
Should I Buy The Samsung 860 Evo?
If you’ve got an NVMe PCI M.2 port on your system you’ll probably want Samsung’s 960 Evo in that form factor, but for everyone else the SATA model the new Evo is an excellent option.
It’s not substantially quicker than the model it replaces, but the extended lifespan is certainly worth the modest investment.

Meg Baird/Mary Lattimore - Ghost Forests Music Album Reviews

On their debut collaboration, the acclaimed harpist and the Espers singer pull long songs and meditative moods taut by creating unexpected tangles.
Listen for the twangs. The little disruptions on Ghost Forests, the collaborative debut from Meg Baird of Espers and Heron Oblivion and the harpist Mary Lattimore, offer a key into its soul. On the surface, the album is gorgeous, soothing, delicate; you could soak in a bathtub while it plays. But beneath that placid surface, little explosions and rustlings abound. Electric guitar mutters cloud the arrangements, while Lattimore treats her harp strings like nerve endings, sometimes making you wince at their bright snap. The more time you spend with Ghost Forests, the more these unsettling touches come into focus. They give the album weight, so it doesn’t drift into the ether. This is ambient folk, shot through with ambient anxiety.

Art Brut - Wham! Bang! Pow! Let’s Rock Out! Music Album Reviews

After a seven-year absence, a band whose quest for rock’n’roll fame always mixed a piss-take with genuine aspiration return in charmingly humbled fashion.
On Art Brut’s 2005 debut, Bang Bang Rock & Roll, Eddie Argos made gaming the system look so easy there was almost no sport to it. These were the early years of the indie rock bubble, an era when NME was still anointing new kings every week. Argos took advantage: He formed a band, immediately wrote a song about forming the band, and became the critical favorite he never doubted they were destined to be almost overnight.
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