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Google Announces Shut Down Of Its Google Hire

The Google Cemetery will soon have an addition, as the search engine has disclosed that it is all set to shut down its services Google Hire which is a job application tracking system that was launched two years back. The Hire was developed with a focus to simplify the hiring process along with a workflow that integrated things like searching for applicants, providing feedback about potential hires in to Google’s G Suite and scheduling interviews.




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2020 Chevrolet Camaro Review

Explosive and agile performance in SS and ZL1 modelsPremium Alpha-platform componentsMagnetic Ride Control improves ride and handlingA front seat made for adultsPower or more powerDISLIKES
Hard to see out ofRear seat not for use by humansBest for only two adultsFuel economy suffers as power risesBUYING TIP
The new LT1 offers the cheapest V-8 performance in the class. Check it out or go for an SS with more features.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 Review

Bose strikes back in the noise cancelling wars with the Headphones 700. But if you come for the king you best not miss, and app irritations stop these from claiming Sony's crown
Should I Buy The Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700?
The Bose Headphones 700 don't quite do enough to claim the noise cancelling crown. The sound quality is phenomenal - up their with Sony's best - but a price hike combined with an awkward app and some intermittent Bluetooth issues make these over-ear headphones merely good, rather than great.

Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm Review

Want a smart home alarm that will alert you if any sensors are triggered? The Yale Sync system will do that without charging you a monthly fee, and it's easy to install as well. Here's our review.
Should I Buy The Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm?
The app and alerts aren't as user friendly as we'd like, but the Sync system works well and is exactly what most people want from a smart home alarm.

Taylor Swift - Lover Music Album Reviews

On her seventh album, Taylor Swift is a little wiser and a lot more in love. Though uneven, Lover is a bright, fun album with great emotional honesty.
The theme of Taylor Swift’s Lover is right there in the title. These 18 songs are odes to the things she loves most and knows best: her boyfriend and her mom, the West Village and the West End, and, always and forever on a Taylor Swift album, being in love. It’s an exuberant celebration of the challenges of maintaining a relationship through seasons and across continents, of telling the truth and saying sorry. Swift has always mined her personal life for opaque fables of love and retribution; she memorializes a romance’s fleeting details, wraps them in bows, and ferries them to an audience eager to receive her gifts. She writes about a life that’s strengthened, not broken, by heartbreak. Lover is the suggestion that the right person, the right song, might lift heartbreak from your life, too. The concept is, as she claims early on, both “…

Joyero - Release the Dogs Music Album Reviews

The solo debut from Wye Oak member Andy Stack threads kinetic dream-pop and electronic textures into a hypnotic break-up record.
You would expect a solo record by Andy Stack to sound good—making records sound good is what he’s all about. Even in his own band, the Baltimore-bred duo Wye Oak, he is an elusive presence. His chattering drumming and engineering finesse, though integral to the uncanny sound, can seem almost incidental, backlighting the larger-than-life silhouette of singer-guitarist Jenn Wasner. Stack has been even more secret-saucy in other projects, from his studio and tour work with Helado Negro and Lambchop to the structures he helped build under the visionary pop-classical song cycle Spiritual America, with Wasner and composer William Brittelle. He is a maestro of marginalia, a technician who minimizes himself to maximize the song.

Modern Nature - How to Live Music Album Reviews

New band from former Ultimate Painting songwriter Jack Cooper blends introspective songwriting with churning experimentation in earnest search of a different plane of existence.
British songwriter Jack Cooper’s former group Ultimate Painting paid tribute to the southern Colorado countercultural artists’ community Drop City, which formed in 1965 and was abandoned to biker gangs by the early 1970s. When Ultimate Painting imploded last year, and Cooper’s new group Modern Nature debuted with an 11-minute piece of cosmic minimalism, one might’ve expected them to dive further into the swirl. But the band’s full-length debut, How To Live, anchored by Cooper and BEAK>’s Will Young, offers a more grounded escape route, blurring ideas of city and country in search of transcendence.


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