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Berry Chia Pudding

Chia seeds are a good source of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, plus they have fiber, iron and calcium. Here they're mixed with a fruity base and refrigerated until the chia seeds expand to form a thick, creamy texture similar to tapioca. Pudding for breakfast? We're in.




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Gradient + Studs Nail Art

Today I felt like doing gradient on my nails and I was thinking about a colour combination, which I'd like the most. I thought about doing something with blue or green, but then I noticed Essie - Capri, that I have and that I haven't used so much. It's a pretty raspberry red colour and since I don't really like painting my nails only with red I decided to mix it up with a pretty peach colour also from Essie, which is called Tart Deco. To me these colours look beautiful together. At the end I decided to give this girly manicure a spin and I added gold studs from Born Pretty Store. I'm definitely loving this look:D Let me know in the comments if you like it as well!

Yoyotech Warbird RS10 V2 Review

Plenty of power for playing games at up to 4K resolutions, the only drawback is the absence of an SSD. But you can add one when you order if you can stretch your budget a little. Here's our YoyoTech Warbird RS10 V2 review
Should I Buy The Yoyotech Warbird RS10 V2?
The YoyoTech Warbird RS10 V2 delivers high-performance gaming at a reasonable price. The lack of an SSD makes the system feel less responsive in general use, but there’s plenty of storage available for a large game library. Warranty terms could be more competitive at this price.

Aorus 15 X9 Review

It’s not perfect, but the beefy RTX 2070 helps the Aorus 15 X9 accelerate beyond its rivals. Here's our full review.
Should I Buy The Aorus 15 X9?
The Aorus 15 X9 suffers from middling build quality, could have a better screen and it’s sometimes too loud – but its full-fat RTX 2070 is an impressive slab of gaming hardware.
It’s not the best gaming laptop, but it’s worth considering if you want more gaming grunt than most rivals provide.

Sky vs Virgin TV & Broadband

Choosing a TV and broadband package isn't easy, with so many different elements to think about. Here we compare Sky Q and Virgin in a number of different areas to help you choose.
Should I Buy The Sky Q Or Virgin V6?
Virgin might be the best option here if you want the fastest broadband but Sky has a more well-rounded package as long as you don't mind a satellite dish on your house.
Sky Q edges in front on number of elements including a more modern box and interface as well as better Ultra HD content and other handy features like advanced Netflix integration.

Facebook Adds Secret Crush Feature As A Boost For Dating Service

While Facebook is struggling to keep up with the figure of its active users, the social networking giant is all set to add a new feature known as the Secret Crush. The new feature will allow the users to find out if any of their friends on Facebook are romantically interested in them. The services can only be availed by users aged 18 years or above and will be completely free of advertisements and other paid features.

L7 - Scatter the Rats Music Album Reviews

The grunge act's first LP in 20 years fails to summon the revolutionary fire that made them such a force of nature in the mid-'90s.
Donita Sparks, the fearless vocalist and guitarist for the Los Angeles grunge four-piece L7, likes to trot out a pet sound bite during interviews. “We’re a meat-and-potatoes rock band with a conscience and some humor,” she told The Current last year. “We just want to [be] meat-and-potatoes L7,” she said in 2015, around the time the band embarked on a reunion tour. To promote Scatter the Rats, their first new material in 20 years, she’s quoted in an updated band bio saying, “I think it’s good for people to enjoy a meat-and-potatoes rock band for a change.”


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