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Honor 20 Pro Review

Honor's most ambitious phone yet, the 20 Pro packs quad cameras onto the rear and a 32Mp selfie camera in a tiny punch-hole in the screen. We put this top-of-the-range contender through its paces.
Should I Buy The Honor 20 Pro?
The Honor 20 Pro goes all out on cameras, and it's a great choice if you love taking selfies in particular. We don't yet know the UK price (it's 599 €), but it should undercut the Huawei P30 and OnePlus 7 Pro, making it decent value.




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How To Set Up Video News Broadcasts on Google Nest Hub

The whole point of Google's smart display is that it can show as well as tell. Here's how to set up video news broadcasts on Google Nest Hub.
As instructed during the Google Home Hub (now rebranded Google Nest Hub) setup process, say "Okay Google, Good morning" and you'll get a recap of any appointments you have in the day ahead, a rundown of the weather forecast and an estimate of how long it's going to take you to get to work, finishing up with a round-up of the day's news.

QNAP TS 251A Review

An extremely well featured NAS drive, with direct USB backup access, an HDMI out for connecting to a TV with a remote. QNAP TS 251A review.
Should I Buy The QNAP TS 251A?
The QNAP is an undoubtedly impressive NAS drive. There’s plenty of power for virtually all tasks, and H.265 aside it will handle anything you throw at it. The range of apps is very comprehensive and the interface is excellent. The downside is the lack of support for MKV from its native app, which will mean having to pay for Plex to play files on mobile devices. The unit was also noisier than we would have liked in operation and while it’s good value - it’s not cheap. If you’re willing to stretch to paying this much for a diskless system, the QNAP TS-251A is the best featured NAS drive at the price.

DJ Khaled - Father of Asahd Music Album Reviews

DJ Khaled has ranged from summertime hitmaker to self-help guru, but neither are all that interesting on his latest guest-filled album. There are plenty of voices but no clear message or intention.
The creep of positivity culture has been steady and relentless. It has become a dominant modality of Instagram influence and global culture ever since the publication of Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret and among its most ardent benefactors (and beneficiaries) is DJ Khaled. For years, he has blended be-your-best-self mantras with middling music to great fame and, presumably, growing wealth; he even published a book detailing his “keys to success.” In the Snapchat era, Khaled’s vague, emphatic preaching made him an intriguing public figure beyond music. But unfortunately, as in the arena of emotional development, shouting aphorisms does little to prompt significant artistic growth.

Interpol - A Fine Mess EP Music Album Reviews

Culled from last year’s Marauder sessions with Dave Fridmann, there’s still a sense that the production actively tries to disrupt what Interpol does well.
Interpol’s brilliance comes in sparks these days. Every album after 2007’s Our Love to Admire, when they stopped being a fascination of indie culture writ large, does have a couple of straightforward thrillers on them. Even their self-titled record’s “Barricade” might stick if you let it. “The Rover” was fine, too, although the album it was on, last year’s Marauder—a loose concept album about saying goodbye to the band’s heyday in the early aughts—was less so.

Injury Reserve - Injury Reserve Music Album Reviews

The oddball Phoenix rap trio traffic in wild, boundary-pushing production and playfully anarchic bars.
The oddball Phoenix trio Injury Reserve seem more like a random selection of three customers at a Zumiez store than a rap group. Their true origin story isn’t that far off: rapper Ritchie With a T moved to the city with his mom so she could launch a Vans store there, and that’s where he met Stepa J. Groggs, who was an employee. Their imaginative 23-year-old producer Parker Corey, a swim-team captain who only got into beat-making when an injury kept him from competing, is so green that Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is the first rap album he ever listened to in full. A tinkerer without limits, he’s sampled everything from K-pop idol group f(x) to bebop trailblazer Donald Byrd. Without a rap scene in Phoenix, they played house parties with punk bands, and their debut album is an attempt to make something uniquely modern of all this incongruity.

Operators - Radiant Dawn Music Album Reviews

Crosswiring ’80s-Springsteen valor with contemporaneous synth pop, the second album from Dan Boeckner’s disco power trio channels the crushing fear of imminent collapse.
Everything and nothing about Dan Boeckner’s career has changed in the past 15 years. Though he’s best known as the wiry yin to Spencer Krug’s whimsical yang in Montreal indie-rock institution Wolf Parade, Boeckner’s extracurricular activities have taken him further and further from that band’s blue-collar prog, through the skeletal electro-punk of Handsome Furs and, now, the strobe-lit DIY disco of Operators. And yet when he takes to the mic, he’s still very much the same guy we first met on Wolf Parade’s Apologies to the Queen Mary—the bleary-eyed, raspy-voiced underdog with no love for the modern world. His second album with Operators makes it immediately apparent that, this time, Boeckner’s got far greater stressors on his mind than a boring job.


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